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Joe Cole Wants Blues Stay

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Joe Cole has confirmed his desire to stay with Chelsea for the rest of his career.

The England international has more than two years left on his current contract at Stamford Bridge but he is ready to sign for longer.

Cole has become a firm fans' favourite at Chelsea since arriving from West Ham United in 2003.

Now, after making over 200 appearances for the Blues, Cole does not see himself playing anywhere else.

"If I was to finish my career at Chelsea, I'd be delighted," he said.

"I have played well this season and it will be my best for the club if we win something.

"But the next five to six years will see the best of me. Hopefully, I will play for a long time because I am not someone who relies on pace.

"I am someone who always puts his heart and soul into every game. I have a great relationship with the fans and it is great to be playing under a manager who really believes in me.

"I think we have to set our sights high. The way the club is at the moment, anything is possible and we shouldn't just be looking to win a league title here and a league title there and maybe one Champions League.

"With the players we have, we should be looking to win the Champions League on a regular basis and many championships."

Brilliant news.

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<br />Great news, not surprised though, Chelsea lad apparently.<br />
<br /><br /><br />

His strike on United our last title year was one of my fondest CFC moments. Kick's the water over in all his fury then embraces his people, what a lad we have in Joey Cole.

It will be a sad day for us when he hangs up the boots. (or when the powers that be fuck up and ships him off somewhere)

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