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Grant song

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Posted by "Iceman" on Chelsea Chat:

Will he survive?

Chorus 1)

First I was afraid

I was petrified

Kept thinking I could never manage

a top Chelsea side

But I spent so many nights

dreaming of an 'Avram song'

I grew strong

I didn't know I'd get it wrong!

and so we're cack

not in 1st place

I'll just scratch my head again

with a sad look upon my face

I should have gone to 4-4-2

I should have scrapped the 4-3-3

If I had known for just one second

we'd lose away to Barns-ley

(Chorus 2)

Go on now go walk out the door

pop through the turnstile's

'cause you're not welcome anymore

weren't you the one who said you make us play with flair

but you just bumbled

and we played like we didn't care

Oh no, not Grant

the chairman's plant

30 years in football

know's less than my f*cking aunt

we've got 4 more games to go

but want we all want to know

will he survive?

will he survive?

It took all the strength I had

not to fall apart

losing at Wembley to the scumbags

almost broke my heart

and I wondered when Anelka

started playing on the wing

and if we carry on with Avi

we won't win a f*cking thing

and so Chel-sea

somebody new?

not that sad old baron greenback

he aint got a clue

and so you felt like dropping Joey

and we concede on '93

now I'm only looking forward

to my summer hola-deeeeee

Go on, now go.......

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Appointment of Mr Turtle has proved one thing for sure ...anyone with a 3 seconds of brain can DRIVE A TOP RACING CAR like Chelsea .You don't need to be a Special One to succeed with the Chelsea.He is inept,does not have a clue what is doing most of the time but still he may bring us in his first and I hope last season Big Ears .Team itself is the one of the best if not best in Europe and we need just one disent manager like Zola or Laudrup to guide them back to success.The whole structure needs changing.Kenyon together with a countless useless advisers OUT!!Steve Clarke &Zola IN!!


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