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AC Milan v Chelsea


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AC Milan vs Chelsea


Pre-Season Friendly No.5
4th August, Sunday, 2013
MetLife Stadium, New York
23:30 Kick Off (UK time)

[Match kicks off at 6.30pm in US on 4th August]

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Again, do take note of the match kick off time stated above. It will be slightly earlier this time around.

This is a semi final game and we'll face either Real Madrid or Everton in the final or 3rd/4th place play-off depending on the winner/loser here and in that other tie (obviously).

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City made the look like a relegation-bait side the other day in the first half.

Wouldn't expect them to look as bad this weekend, especially if they have some key players back like Mario.

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I've watched Milan x City and they were underwhelming for the most part. But they played with their B - if not C - team and I don't know which team they'll bring to play us. I didn't watch their match against Valencia so I don't know if they played with a better team. I will probably miss the match as my boyfriend is taking me out exactly at the match's time... going to try to work it around (he'll never understand as he doesn't even like football), but chances are I'll miss all of it or most of it.

I did watch Real Madrid though against LA Galaxy (twice) and Isco was just wow... I really don't get their obsession with Bale - especially for the outrageous amount of money rumored - given the players they already have. Perez is a crazy cookie...

Anyway, my point is, I think the only real competition we could get in this cup is RM so we better beat Milan as I think they'll definitely beat Everton. And if we play them it's going to be a GREAT match and I wonder what Mourinho will do and say :P

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This is in new jersey not new York too.

I'll just insert these 2 quotes from the post-Inter match thread.

Metlife Stadium is in East Rutherford, NJ. Home of the NY Giants and NY Jets. Everyone just calls it NY because everyone in the world knows NY. It's a million times easier and better to market something in NY than NJ.

Yeah, Parts of a New Jersey function as a suburb of New York City. The Meadowlands (MetLife stadium) where the new York Giants and Jets play is actually in New Jersey. If you were going to see the game, you'd travel to New York and stay there but technically, it's in New Jersey. Football is generally very local. The idea of Chelsea playing in say East London is ridiculous. Sports in North America are not as local. They cover larger areas.

And am just going with what the club's website said.

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I would want to see something like this -

1st Half


Azpilicueta - Cahill - Luiz - Cole

Mikel - Van Ginkel

De Bruyne - Mata - Hazard


by the 60th minute


Ivanovic - Cahill - Terry - Bertrand

Ramires - Essien

Moses - Oscar - Schurrle


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I really want to see the combo of 1st half pivot with 2nd half AM

Ramires - Van Ginkel

Mata - Kevin (or Oscar) - Hazard

that's the best midfield formation we have right now imo

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Just like Inter an average team that has seen better days + some star players. Their defense+goalie are utter crap, average at best, I think the majority of EPL teams has better players there, their midfield is good and nicely balanced with KPB, Muntari and Montolivo. the strikeforce is of course their best department. I'd have any of EL sharaawy, Balo and nyang above most of our stirkers in terms of footballing ability, but surely not attitude...

Regarding their fitness, I am pretty sure they will not be that sharp, they had such buisy schedule playing GICC and Audi Cup simulataneously with their features against Valencia, City and Sao paolo all in space of 6 days. But still their forwards will give it a go and trouble our defense, I hope our newly forged Ramires-van Ginkel pivot is up to the challenge to withstand one of the deadliest strikeforce and a midfield with a one man advantage.

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4-2-3-1 will do it for this match but İ would like to see somebody man mark El Shaa as he is an obvious threat and made Javi Garcia look like a fool in the fixture against City. Other than that we're good

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We were so bad against them last season in the States but i can see us giving them a good lesson on Sunday if i'm honest. We saw how Man City destroyed them for half an hour. We have the quality to do the same. If we can beat both Milan's and Real Madrid in the States then knock off Roma, we'll be so confident for the season and the Americans will all go Chelsea mad again.

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