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Inter - Opposition Views 2


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Khaled Rammal, from Lebanese Inter Group, has kindly agreed to answer some questions about our much anticipated match against Inter tonight:

-First, how long have you been an Inter fan? And why did you choose the Nerazzurri?

I have been an interista since 1998 . I was in love with zamorano and Ronaldo so I found myself watching inter games with passion .

-It is always tough going into the season with a new manager, but what do you make of Mazzari? Was he your first choice for the job or did you rather someone else took the reins at Inter?

I think he is the perfect guy for this moment ; great character , strict , hard worker, and capable of developing the youngsters skills brilliantly ( hamsik , cavani, lavezzi).

-Coming off the back of Inter’s worst season, in terms of final league position, since 1994, how high are your hopes for next season and what are your expectations of the team?

Next season will be very tough since all the rivals has spent during the summer and strengthened their squads with players better than our mercato players . I think we can get the 3rd position.

-Obviously the transfer market takes center stage at this time of the year, what is your opinion on the signings your team has already made and who would you like to see come in before September 3rd?

The signings are very good with respect to the current financial situation, we couldn’t have bought falcao instead of Icardi ; they are quality young players that most of them proved their skills in Serie A . I would love to see Zuniga and Naingollaan in black and blue this year but that will be difficult to happen.

-Speaking of transfers, there seems to be a general sense of frustration from Inter fans by the club’s transfer policy and lack of spending. Would you like your club to make more ‘ambitious’ signings or do you think that Moratti is doing the best he can with the funds available?

We are not like arsenal , we don’t have money !!!! I think moratti couldn’t do more than that ( with the current balance sheet figures) especially that we haven’t played in CL since two years.

-This is the second time Inter participate in the Guinness ICC after 2009 (it was still called Football World Challenge back then). How serious do you think the club will be about the competition? Will the focus be on the result or merely on improving match fitness?

I think fitness and the players harmony is the main objective behind participating in such tournaments.

-Last time we met, Jose was your manager (and you knocked us out of the CL on your way to the famous Treble!). What’s your opinion on Jose in general and on his ‘dramatic’ return to Chelsea in particular?

Jose Is the one who made us achieve what we have dreamed of , and made inter on the top of the world again . As all inter fans I Simply love this guy, his Chelsea return will give big hopes to the fans and the players .

-A lot has been said about Wallace’s proposed loan move to Inter. Do you want this move to happen? Do you think the young Brazilian can fit well there?

I don’t know him. But if he is a hot prospect , Chelsea won’t let him go easily

-Obviously Kovacic and “Capitano” will be huge misses for you guys in this tournament, but who do you think is your most important player at the moment and who should we look out for on Friday?

Guarin and palacio

-Mazzari is known to be a ‘3-5-2 man’ through and through, so there’s little doubt about what formation he’s going to use, but what lineup do you think he will put out against Chelsea?

Handanovic , juan, ranochia , campagnaro, guarin , cambiasso, alvarez , nagatomo, jonathan, palacio, icardi

-Finally, please predict the result.


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