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Malaysia XI v Chelsea


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Malaysia XI vs Chelsea


Pre-Season Friendly No.2
21st July, Sunday 2013
Shah Alam Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
14:45 Kick Off (UK time)

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Just do the same thing, 2 different lineups for both halves. Want to see how MVG and Essien work and Hazard link up with Lukaku. Second half, KDB and Schurrle with Ba and Kalas with Cahill to see how he gets on with him since he's most likely our depth CB this year. He paired up with Terry today, now with Cahill.


Wallace - Chalobah - Terry - Cole

MVG - Essien

Moses - Hazard - Piazon



Ivan - Cahill - Kalas - Bertrand

Ramires - Lamps

Traore - KDB - Schurlle


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Best thing about (pre-) season: the countdown never goes double digits in the days to the next match. WIN!

I agree we could do the one team for each half thing while in Asia (not only against Malaysia, but also Indonesia) because to play the Guinness Cup I'd like to see a more definite team (don't even remember how many subs are allowed in there - I suppose unlimited as well?) not only because we have the CC players coming back but because we need to start testing the main team.

We will have an additional friendly - against Rome - out of the Guinness Cup and I think 4 matches it's okay for us to have one team starting and making 4-5 subs at most instead of the whole team. I'm anxious to know if Oscar will be part of Mourinho's starting XI plan (for the season). As of now I think it's unlikely because Mourinho seems to be invested in the 4-2-3-1 (ugh) and it will only get 'worse' if Rooney comes.

People didn't like André much today, but I think he needs to find his space and predictable or not, we need a winger (especially if we're going to play the 4-2-3-1) - because Moses isn't a start all matches player... far from it and I also don't think he's a 90-minute player either.

so maybe because of adaptation Oscar may have a place now, but will slowly transition to André?

I have no doubts Schürrle will become the next David Luiz - excited, motivated, identified with the club - and Mourinho seems to like him... I hope he likes my teddy bear too. He needs to be a regular in the team in his second season if he's to live up his potential. If he doesn't play often, I fear we'll berate his progress and he'll be sort of wasted and will lose motivation.

Back to this match though - I digress - I want to see Schürrle + Lukaku again.

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We'll score from set-piece.

Yup. And i know who will do it as well :-)

Looking forward again to this game. Let's see some other combo's on the pitch. Eg. Hazard + Schurrle with Essien behind him and Lukaku up front. I want more Kalas because i found him very stable (the opposition wasnt much though).

I just hope they spray paint KDB's hair pink or something because he and Shirley are hard to distinguish. Van Ginkel-kdb combo shoot be interesting as well in terms of passing and distribution.

Go Blues !

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I expect a similar setup to the first match but with players used in different positions, maybe Nat to midfield, Ivanovic to the middle, Schurrle or Hazard on the right etc.

These are just warm-up games, part of pre-season so I wouldn't read too much into them. The one thing that was noticeable was the speed with which we transitioned from attack to defence when we lost the ball - on one occasion in the second half we managed to have 9 men back behind the ball when Singha tried to counter-attack. New ideas will start coming through as pre-season progresses but the enthusiasm and intensity at times yesterday was fantastic.

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I think our league record this season is going to be played 38; won 38. Goals scored 38; goals conceded 0.

So, yes, I'm predicting 1-0.

we clearly don't have the players to grind out many 1-0 wins in the PL! so please dont expect it just because Mourinho is in charge. I think we will break our record of 103 goals in the PL next season!

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