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Analyzing Our Potential Strikers


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With PSG being at the edge of signing Edinson Cavani from Napoli, for immense fee of €64m, Chelsea is probably looking for another option that will present threat in our attack.

There are not many world-class strikers who are worth looking at, but Cavani is certainly not the only option out there. Our current position is not brilliant, and many of fans believe that going into the season with 3 (debatable) strikers is suicide. Right now we have Torres, Ba, Lukaku and maybe even Schurrle, who present attacking force. With Ba strongly rumoured of leaving Stamford Bridge, Torres' inconsistency and relying only talented youngster Lukaku, starting next season would be suicide.


There are few strikers who »are for sale« and could help us winning the title next season and I will analyze them in this article. In my opinion, those players are Negredo, Lewandowski, Soldado, Higuain, Rooney, Gomez.

  • First of all let's concentrate on Sevilla's Negredo. He played 36 games last season, this means that he played more games than any of players mentioned above. He scored 25 goals, 5 of them were right footed and 15 of them were left footed goals, which means he scored more goals with left foot than any of the players mentioned above. He headed the ball 5 times into the net, most of any players mentioned. On average, he has 4 shots per game. Conversion stands at 17% and shot accuracy at 45%. Negredo is underrated player with amazing finishing and heading ability. His letdown is his defensive contribution, which is not good and if Mourinho wants striker who helps in the defence, Negredo is not the right man for it.

  • Our second option is Robert Lewandowski, Borrusia's main striker. He played 31 games last season on the highest level, scoring 24 goals. 14 goals were right footed, 7 left footed and he headed the ball 3 times into the net. On average, he has 3 shots per game. Convertion ratio is 25% and shot accuracy is the highest of any player mentioned – 54%. Robert Lewandowski is by no doubt amazing striker, with great finisihing and he presents big threat at counter-attacking, he can also perform against strong teams and under pressure as we saw this season against Real Madrid. The problem is that he is believed to be deeply in love with Bayern, which is not good. I would rather not have the player whose head is somewhere else... *cough* Fernando Torres *cough*

  • The next one is Soldado. He played 35 games for Valencia last season. He scored 24 goals and 19 of them were scored by his right foot, and in this stat, he stands out of players I am comparing him to. Only one goal was scored by his left foot and he scored 4 headers last season. On average, he has 3 shots per game, with 24% convertion ratio and 46% shot accuracy. Soldado is solid striker who can score on regular basis for you. Good option.

  • Then, we have Higuain will probably sign for Arsenal, but maybe we can steal him as we did with Mata, if we want. Played 28 matches last season, 16 goals. 12 of them were right footed, 3 left footed and he scored one header. On average, he has 2 shots per game. 29% convertion ratio and 46% shot accuracy. Good striker, but in my opinion he is not what we need. Although he is all around more or less good player, his mentality is weak. He performs bad under the pressure and his offside awarness is just awful. Also he is not worth his price tag in my opinion.

  • The next one is Wayne Rooney. Wayne played 27 games last season, scoring 12 goals. 9 of them were right footed, 2 left footed and one header. He has 3 shots per game, with 14% convertion ratio, which is the lowest out of all players and 41% shot accuracy. He is under shadow of Van Persie and probably wants to leave, although Moyes said otherwise, but I would not believe him too much. If Jose wants to sign him, Rooney will probably come. A lot of fans are against this transfer, but Rooney in top form is still one of the world's finest. He also will not stop Lukaku's progress, as he can play just behind the striker too. For rumoured 25m he is great option.

  • The last player I will analyze is Mario Gomez. He played 21 games last season. Scored 11 goals, 7 right footed, 3 left footed and one header. He has 2 shots per game and the best conversion ratio of 29%, shot accuracy stands at 50%. Benched by Heyckens, who played Mandzukic, Mario Gomez certainly was not the happy man in Munchen. Next season, probably the same thing will hapen, so I am sure he will leave this summer. He has poor defensive contribution and sometimes he is just lazy player. His finishing and heading is on spot, but his mentality is also not the best. He seems to under perform in big matches.

You are probably wondering why I did not mention Suarez. Well everyone knows how good he is and everyone knows he is amazing striker, but the problem is in his behaviour. I think you do not need analysis to prove how good he is. A lot of fans do not want him here and we all know why. If we get him, we get amazing player with bad character.

What do you think? Who would be the best striker we could sign this summer? I would go for Rooney or Negredo.

Hope you liked this article, I would appreciate a rep.

Click here to view the article

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Would honestly rather have Lukaku than Soldado, Negredo, Gomez or Higuain.

Rooney I'd love him here, other than that, give Lukaku a chance.

Higuain or Gomez maybe... But definately not Negredo or Soldado.

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Cavani is best striker among all those who are potentially available right now ... but i dont want the club to spend so much for him even though it is not my money.

Lewandoski is clear value for money plus a terrific striker who would cost around 22 to 24m

But i would want Rooney to be a part of the team because he is English, he still is an amazingly versatile player, gives more than 100% to the shirt that he wears, out and out team player, importantly knows the Premier league well.

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If there was any possibility of us getting Lewa and Roo, we would taken it, I am sure of that.

As for Negredo, Soldado, Gomez, Higuain and the other one I do not see where this should lead us. IMO, the minor upgrade to what we got now they would provide is comfortably outdone by the prospect of Lukaku breaking through. As of now they might be better than him, but Lukaku has the potential to surpass them within months.

Besides his desire to play for the club, Lukaku boasts attributes few other players have. Pace+Strength u simply can't defend that sort of athleticism, he will get chances against any defender.

Some might say, he did not even start at WBA all the time or has never led the line on his own, had no experience. But which future star did so with 19?

Our squad bursts with creativity, he will get even more chances than at WBA. True he might not be able to lead us in the big games but he does not have to. We have never really been a team that depends entirely on one striker. Demba Ba and Torres have been shit most of the season, Lukaku is better than them already.

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The only one I like in the list is going to Arsenal (as Lewa is pretty much a Bayern player at this point)... I wouldn't sign any of the other suggestions

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Gomez is effectively another player to cross off that list, a Bayern executive said he only wants to go to Fiorentina but needs to wait for Fiorentina to get funds together to sign him for the price Bayern want.

If we could tempt Lewandowski, I'd have him in an instance. The only thing is, can we get him when he seems Bayern bound?

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