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CIES Football Study - CHELSEA related observations

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CIES does an annual review of the top 5 leagues in the world (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1). The full version costs around 300 pounds and I would loooove to get a hold of this but not for that amount. That said I was able to get a hold of a few small sections (10 pages only).

But I read through it and compiled a short summary for all you guys as it relates to our players. Obviously they utilize some assumptions which only the full version would detail but still it gives us a chance to look at some interesting information).



Players under the age of 21 got 17% of total playing time, tied for 3rd with Arsenal among EPL teams behind Villa and Sunderland.

Top 3 decisive players overall:

1. Messi

2. Ribery

3. Ronaldo

Top 3 decisive players (from EPL):

1. Suarez (10 overall)

2. Santi (15 overall)

3. Mata (17 overall)

Top decisive players (Chelsea):

1. Mata (17 overall)

2. KDB (29 overall)

3. Hazard (43 overall)

4. Lukaku (53 overall)

Top 3 decisive young players overall:

1. Gotze

2. KDB

3. Lukaku

Lukaku was also named the most decisive player in EPL in comparison to teammates - clear indication he has outgrown West Brom and another loan would actually have been Lukaku helping West Brom and not the other way around.

Most decisive players in CL group stages (from EPL):

1. Mata (3 overall) (1st among EPL)

2. Oscar (6 overall) (2nd among EPL)

3. Hazard (24 overall) (4th among EPL)

Top 60 players in CL group stages – only 6 EPL players - 3 from Chelsea, 2 from Arsenal and one from City. None from United.

Hazard was ranked #1 overall in take-ons in CL group stages.

Estimated Player Value (in Euros):

25 out of top 60 are from EPL.

Chelsea players estimated value (in Euros):

1. Hazard (4th overall, 1st in EPL) - 60M

2. Mata (21st overall, 7th in EPL) - 40M

3. Oscar (42nd overall) - 28M

4. Lukaku (60th overall) - 25M

New signing, Schurrle is ranked 34th overall at 30M, 5th among Bundesliga players, highest ranked Bundesliga player not from Bayern Munich or Dortmund.

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