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Aymeric Laporte


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Another less known player, but still very promising one is French Aymeric Laporte. France U20 captain, typical strong Centre back. Aged 19, 189cm tall and real rock in Atletico bilbo defence.

Averages 5 tackles per game, 2.5 interceptions, 6 clearances, 13 long balls, 70 touches per game etc.

This guy is another of france great youth team along Zouma, Varane, Pogba, Kondogbia, Digne, Griezmann,...

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Wow, that paper really needs to consider changing its name to something that doesn't sound like the most dangerous virus in the world at the moment...

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Laporte is comfortably better than every u23 center back we have so arguing against signing him just because we have Ake, Zouma, Christensen or Kalas is stupid giving how we need to find a long term successor to John Terry who is going to be at a good level to come in and hit the ground running as well as having a lot of room to improve.

Its not a given Ake, Zouma, Christensen or Kalas will be a regular here you know were as Laporte has been playing a lot with Bilbao in Spain for the last 2 years and looks better and much more ready than them to come in and replace someone like John Terry in the summer or the next year or whenever (I doubt John Terry will retire in the summer and hes at a level where he can keep playing for a year at least).

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what is his style?

He is great at tackling (which he executes often) and intercepting the ball. Also his passing is very good. He can dribble and is a threat for the opposition at set-pieces. The only weakness I personally noticed that he is not so strong at holding the ball. If ypu look at his performances and ratings, he is pretty constant for his young age.

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Spanish newspaper Sport on Wednesday cover reportsicon1.png of supposed Chelsea interest in Aymeric Laporte. They've picked up bits from the British media and fastly-becoming-notorious website Fichajes. The gist is Chelsea would bid €40m for a player they see as a John Terry replacement.

Laporte's buyout clause is €42m say Sport, so Chelsea would be pitching themselves just under that amount, in the hope of fighting off competition. However, it makes little sense.

Whilst Chelsea are undoubtedly hamstrung to a certain extent by Financial Fair Play, that wouldn't see them go just €2m - or £1.56m - under an Athletic Clubicon1.png Bilbao buyout clause. The Basque club aren't easy to deal with at the best of times. The immense Basque pride plays a part but so do practicalities. Athletic still only recruit Basque players or those with a strong enough Basque connection and that makes a very limited market, so when they say a player isn't for sale they really mean it. Placing huge buyout clauses on their best is meant to scare interested clubs off, it's not a starting point for negotiation.

If Chelsea were to bid just €2m short of Laporte's buyout clause they'd be more likely to receive a string of obscenities than a positive answericon1.png. It would look like purposely extracting the urine and be entirely the wrong way to go about things.

Spanish buyout clauses are supposed to be binding but clubs can be as awkward as they like and threaten to force the buyingicon1.png side to pay all kinds of taxes. Problems can usually be ironed out but at great legal effort, expense, and time.

The idea of Chelsea bidding €40m throwsicon1.png huge doubt on this story.


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With Zouma winning CFC hearts everywhere (almost) and turning out to replace Cahill rather than Terry as many expected, it would be interesting to look at who might be viable at taking the spot next to him.

Zouma is a brute (I mean this in a positive way, he is physical perfection). He is quick, agile and pro-active.
He is however not a great passer, and a bit lacking in positioning. I also still believe him to not be a great tackler (although some of the ones he has done show great progress, I might have to revise my opinion soon if he continues like that). I expect him to improve on these aspects, he is only 20 after all and has already improved a lot from the summer.

Never the less, it would be good to have someone who has Zouma's weaknesses as strengths next to him (which is why I loved the JT-Ricky combo).
Is there anyone who seem so made for that role as Laporte?

The guy is French (communication), he is left-footed (next to Zouma's right foot), is excellent at tackling and interceptions while also being a very good passer.
While I think he is a bit prone on holding the ball too long sometimes (and as a consequence loses it), he makes up for it to some degree by having a good positional sense.
I see him as one of those intelligent defenders with the right instinct.
He is also quite strong in the air, and has a reasonable pace for a defender in my opinion.

I simply dont believe in Christensen, feel that Omeruo is too short and have doubts about Kalas. I really dont want Cahill as a starter, and dont think Terry will continue past the next season. Unless Jose sees things differently (and all the loans for the youngsters and limited opportunities for Christensen do not imply that) we will be in the market soon.
Now, Im convinced we will buy a more senior defender as I seriously doubt we will have two CB-starters aged 20/21, but there might still be room for a future option.
We have been linked to Laporte before (which might imply that we are monitoring him).

While the price will be high, Bilbao has some money trouble. They have only shown positive results lately due to the sales of Herrera and Martinez, combined with this seasons money from CL. Next season they will not be in CL, while Laporte seems like the only player they can get a lot of money for. It doesnt necessarily mean that we will get him for £10m, but it can lead to a discounted price.

If we cant get Varane, this would be the second best option for me (I also love Subotic, but if I remember it correctly he has had a lot of injury problems).

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