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Good, just what i like to hear. There's nothing i use to hate more than when we went to places like the Highbury Libary, lost 2-1 and get the "unlucky Chelsea good game". I love bitters making excuses for every win we have, goal we scored, trophy we win, makes everything even sweeter.

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"Can Jose bring back the love for Chelsea?" wtf??? We were most hated under him and so we will be again. Perfectly fine with that, even more sweet to beat them all. There has always been that arrogance and swagger around us, we thrive on the hatred of others. Our club has been the internationally most succesful club in europe in the past 10 years, we won more trophies than any other english club since Roman took over (yes, I checked it, excluding community shield which does not count, we won 11 to ManU's 10).

Winning is great but winning while being hated by everyone is even better.

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Leeds chanted "we hate Chelsea" for years which I listened to with pride and look what happened to those whippet fucking inbred pikey cunts.

I did think by the title it was gonna be a question to us who we hated the most then had to drag my index away from T for Tottenham

When I read the first post.

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I also thought this thread was the place for me to show all my feels for ManU...

But I love being the most hated. I love feeding people's bitterness

So let's continued being the most hated by its rivals and most loved by its fans. We're Chelsea.

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