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Chelsea and Mourinho’s Happy Ending


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Chelsea and Mourinho’s Happy Ending

José Mourinho is back at Stamford Bridge and it seems this time the manager is ready to stay.

In his first interview to Chelsea TV Mourinho assured everyone that he wanted to marry Chelsea. In the press conference last Monday he shared that he wanted stability and that he feels the club – in the person of its owner Roman Abramovich – feels the same way. It’s a match made in heaven and following Mourinho’s analogies, Chelsea and José and ready to settle down.

A club like Chelsea is bigger than any man, any player, any squad. Restricting its history to the last decade would be disrespectful. But we can look at separate periods in those hundred and eight years and for the sake of the comparison to Mourinho’s own story we’ll look at the last decade alone. It is, after all, undeniable that an important change came in 2003 when Russian investor and businessman, Abramovich bought the West London based team.

Like a young couple who find themself in a euphoric new relationship, with incredible chemistry and mutual goals Mourinho and Chelsea had their glorious days during the manager’s first spell at the club. Memorable times marked by titles, accomplishments, records and love.

But the euphoria eventually died out, and as any other relationship, the one between The Special and The Blues’ started to wear down. A few disagreements here, some hurdles there and not completely surprising in 2007 a mutual agreement was reached and both parts decided to go their separate ways. It was time to explore new places that both the club’s boss and the manager could go. They were still young in their already very successful quests, although for some fans it never felt like goodbye.

In his interview a few days ago, the Portuguese admitted having had an adventurous spirit in the past, relating to his birthplace roots. He went as far as describing himself as a navigator, just like his Iberian country in its golden days of glory. And the description indeed fits the career choices he’s made for the past few years, never staying longer than three years at the same place. Chelsea also had its affairs as a club and a few managers passed Stamford Bridge in the past six years.

No one can say the time apart wasn’t good for both. Mourinho went to Italy, with a new challenge ahead of him with Internazionale and then to Real Madrid, while Chelsea focused on its ultimate goal, sparing nothing – and no one – to achieve it. Through Chelsea’s new endeavors and Jose’s adventures both faced glory and difficulties. They continued to explore their time on separate journeys learning, reaching new milestones, struggling at times, but growing and maturing nonetheless. And even then Chelsea was never too far from José and José was never forgotten at Stamford Bridge. Their reunion was probably something both thought about, but they had to wait for the best timing, they had to be at the same place.

That time is finally here. Chelsea doesn't have to prove anything else. Roman Abramovich’s goal was reached when the team won UEFA Champions League in the 2011/12 season, repeated the domestic success in 2009/10 and had its share of world class players wearing the blue shirt. Mourinho had a similar experience winning important titles with both of the teams he managed in the meanwhile. Interestingly enough though the 2012/13 season hadn't been that greater to either.

Now the feeling of having conquered the world also passed, and they’re probably on their best, strongest and most promising moment. For Chelsea, there’s no more pressure to prove the lengths the club could go. Roman proved to be not only one of the precursors but also a model in football business ownership. Other teams in many countries have been passed for the same transformation and had received money injection, but none made it as successfully as Chelsea and its Russian entrepreneur. José Mourinho isn’t any different. After winning the Champions League title with a second tier force on European football , he had to prove he wasn’t just some one-time-wonder kind of manager. He had to prove he was here to stay. And he did by winning UCL again with Internazionale when the Italian team didn’t figure as one of the main contenders, reassuring all his doubters that he was a real deal.

The manager’s controversial personality had also marked his career. The Special One had made a few people question his work – more than they should – but when he stood in front of more than 250 journalists earlier this week we saw a different Mourinho. One of the journalists even pointed out during the press conference that he was mellower and calmer. Truth is he’s more mature, more deliberate about his words, less defensive or simply happier.

And that’s good news for Chelsea fans around the globe. While the team may not have a long relationship like Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United had or even like Arsène Wenger and Arsenal has kept for many years now, Chelsea is ready for stability as much as José Mourinho is and as if it’s been written in the stars, they went to that place at the same time and decided to do it together.

Promising times seem to be ahead for Blue fans - and you can see just how promising things may well become by visiting FREEbets.org.uk. Mourinho haven’t spared any words to say how much he loves the club and at this point no one in the world dares to question his credentials and quality as a football manager. He’s one of the very best in the world and he has a young and promising team on his hands. Chelsea has brought to Stamford Bridge some of the most talented players from the new generation. Names like Eden Hazard, Oscar, Kevin de Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois to name a few, making it a special group that also has leaders like Juan Mata, David Luiz. It’s a promising team and Mourinho already said he’s looking forward to working with them.

There are few – if any – managers better on developing and improving players than José Mourinho and most of his commanded athletes attest to that. He’s visionary, he’s fair, he thinks out of the box and he can see what is yet to be uncovered. He thinks ahead of most and although he demands a lot from his players, he also cares a lot about them and is committed to them, not only as integral parts of his own success, but with their individual careers.

It’s time for Mourinho and Chelsea try the long-term relationship and hopefully more glorious, joyful and memorable moments are to come from this union that Chelsea fans hope will be a very long and happy marriage. After all one of the partners has already changed his nickname. He’s still The Special One, especially to the fans, but what describes him better at the moment according to him is something else: The Happy One. Because home is where the heart is, and José Mourinho is now at home.

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