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Mourinho's first Chelsea press conference


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Yes - it really is happening.

José Mourinho has returned to Chelsea. Today - Monday, June 10th - is the day of his first press conference as Chelsea manager.

Coverage of the press conference will be shown in the UK by Sky Sports News, and will be streamed worldwide by the club's official YouTube page - you can head over there by following this link.

It all kicks off at approximately 1.30pm BST (GMT+1). TalkChelsea's official Twitter page will be covering the entirety of the press conference, and you can also discuss it in full in our specialpress conferences thread.

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Mourinho's first press conference - LIVE!

14.32 - JM: "Thank you".

He then takes a sip of water, and swaggers out of the press conference.

14.31 - JM: "If I speak about my weaknesses, I have to say I try to improve on them all the time. But you don't speak weakness with the enemy. Every player and manager has weaknesses. I keep to myself my weaknesses - there are not many - and I try to improve".

14.30 - JM: "A couple of new signings is normal. The main objective is to improve what we already have".

14.29 - JM: "We now have 60 players because according to the media we signed 20 new players this week".

14.28 - JM: "I start working with the current squad, even the ones I think I know in every aspect. They are not the same, they've changed. Even the group of boys from my time here have all changed. I need to meet them again. For the others, I watched them on TV only".

14.27 - JM: "We are prepared for a different era for a different profile. A football team without the fingerprint of the manager is not a team".

14.25 - JM: "I think I come into this club in different periods. Earlier, Chelsea needed the final push and direction for winning trophies. But now it is about a case of winning more successes in the future. We are focussed on contribution and legacy. Victory and silverware is nothing new in this club. It is now time for a different approach to try and win more".

14.22 - JM: "I want to meet Kevin de Bruyne and Lukaku. It is fair for the players to be the first to know about their future. I am not just speaking about Kevin and Romelu. I had a chance to speak with some players. I need time to meet them and speak. "But because you (the reporter quizzing José over the young Belgians' futures) are Belgian, I will tell you Kevin and Romelu are ready to be part of Chelsea's squad".

14.19 - JM: "Paulo Ferreira has finished his contract. It is time for him to think about something else. I am not thinking about buying any new Portuguese players! It is not something to think about now".

14.15 - JM: "Roman and I decided together (when Mourinho left in 2007). It was a good decision because in 2010 Chelsea won the title again. To arrive in the first season and win the title was fantastic. But Roman's decision was fair, I accept it".

14.14 - JM: "I am happy Chelsea won the Champions League. Bayern deserved it this year. But I say with pride that I managed Madrid".

14.13 - Reporter: "Iniesta has said to the Spanish media that you have "destroyed Spanish football". What do you say to that?

JM: "I damaged Spanish football by ending Barcelona's dominance. It was dominance without an end. But Madrid won the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona, it won the Supercup against Barcelona, and it won the historical title of 100 points and 121 goals against Barcelona. It was a fantastic time at Madrid, at a big club. We couldn't get our ambition of the Champions League. It is difficult".

14.11 - Reporter: "Were you hurt by United & City not offering their jobs?"

JM: "No. I wouldn't change anything. I accepted this immediately. I think I need this challenge. The idea of "coming back home" is not easy! Sometimes you have to try hard".

14.09 - JM: "In 2004, Arsenal was the best team. Now, Man United and Man City are the best teams. Arsenal and Tottenham are coming up".

14.08 - JM: "I will not have one word about Benitez's decisions. I can say about the future only. I will meet John Terry in July. John might become a very important player again for the club".

14.07 - JM: "My decisions are based on meritocracy. There is no advantage for any player. My honesty is one of my good qualities".

14.06 - JM: "What happened last season with Casillas? I played the players who were the best for the team. I want good relations. I am honest. If someone has a big profile, I cannot give him a privilege for selection. It is a football decision, based on who deserves it".

14.04 - JM: "Chelsea has to focus in every competition. I cannot prioritise, everything is important. The Champions League cannot be an obsession. I want to win it a 3rd time. It is not an obsession for Chelsea now, they have won it".

14.00 - JM: "I am still a bit disappointed that I am going to go back but I go to Old Trafford, and Sir Alex is not the manager! Wenger is still [at Arsenal] but I am happy about that. I am happy for Brendan Rodgers, Steve Clarke and Andre Villas-Boas too. I am happy to wish the best to Steve, André and Brendan. Pellegrini in City has also the maturity and quality to do a good job".


13.59 - JM: "There is a group of young boys. Chelsea did well with them. I am happy to work with them to improve them. There is always the ambition to improve the squad to add different qualities. But now I must improve the boys already here".

13.58 - JM: "There are still a few boys here from my time, which is always good. They gave their absolute everything to me when I was here. It is no privilege to the older players that I am back. It is important to make it clear they have no advantage".

13.57 - JM: "I had to make the best decision for my happiness. As soon as Chelsea offered, I made my mind up".

13.56 - JM: "I have to work hard and show the club I am here to work hard and stay until the last day of this contract. If the club want me to stay after the four years, I will be happy".

13.53 - Reporter: "Do you love the press conferences?"

JM: "No. I cannot give a big headline, but I will try to be honest!"

13.49 - JM: "I thought I knew everything. After 13 years, I now know I knew nothing back then after my adventures in England, Italy and Spain. I am still very young as a manager. This is a different approach and way of looking at things. I am the same personality".

13.47 - JM: "I want to be respected by what I did in the past, but I want to be loved for what I can do from now".

13.46 - JM: "The board and me all want the same. We are in a moment where there is maturity and we have the same perspectives".

13.44 - JM: "I don't regret leaving because I went to Inter where I had the best moments of my career. Then I went to Madrid and broke records. it is because it was a mutual decision, and because no relationships were broken, that I am back here today".

13.42 - JM: "It is not true that there is a bad relationship with Roman. I was not sacked. It was a mutual agreement, and for the best".

13.41 - JM: "I want to believe it is possible to stay here for three years or more. I know the kind of mentality and ambition this club has".

13.40 - Reporter: "Are you still the Special One?"

JM: "I am the Happy One. Times flies. Since then, a lot of things have happened"

13.38 - Mourinho is swarmed by a host of photographers, completely blocking the television cameras!


13.37 - and here he is!

13.32 - well, he's keeping us waiting. Shouldn't be surprised at that!

13.28 - Security personnel are in place and the cameras are rolling - all eyes turned to the entrance José will enter through.

13.23 - José's arrival is imminent. The press are getting restless, and there is a hum of anticipation. Mourinho has them on tenterhooks and he isn't even at the stadium yet.

13.08 - make that 15,000...

13.01 - there are almost 13,000 people already watching the conference live on YouTube.

12.55 - and now Mr. Glanvill is showing us exactly what it looks like from Mourinho's seat...


12.47 - Rick Glanvill has just posted this photo on Twitter of all the camera crews packed into the press hall at Stamford Bridge...


12.41 - anticipation is building, with there being a little over 45 minutes until Mourinho's first press conference as Chelsea's new manager.

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