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2013/14 Premier League Fixtures

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The Premier League fixtures for next season will be out soon, in just over a week's time.


The 2013/14 Premier League season will kick off on Saturday 17 August 2013. Fixtures will be announced at 9:00am on Wednesday 19 June, with the first set of television picks selected approximately 2-3 weeks later.

So, who do you wants us to face first? Home or away? What are the game are you looking forward most to in the 2013/14 season? Etc...


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I really want to see who we have to face towards the end the season. Best believe that we'll have to face one top 4 team and Liverpool/Spurs in our final 5 games, while United will have faced all the top teams by Feb.

First home game? Could care less who it is just as long as its home cuz that atmospherewill be EPIC!

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Home game would be ideal obviously. Something to get the season going early so:

Hull at home.

9-0 to scare the shit out of everyone.

Dont know if you ment it but the last time we started a season at Home v Hull we won the league... Hail Didier!
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^ August or December, a night in Stoke City is always a rainy cold night. And, August or December, if you cannot make it under the rain in a cold night away at Stoke, then you shall not be deemed as an elite player.

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