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The most important match that got us Champions League football

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Every one will have a different opinion on which that was and im intrigued to see every one's opinion's on which it was, but for me there was one match imparticular that played a massive and very under-rated part in getting us there.

The Sunderland match at Stamford Bridge.

The week before we lost to Southampton and on Saturday Arsenal won away to West Brom to put us down to 5th, i was spending my last day in Costa Rica and i said to numerous people there if we lose to Sunderland it would be very very hard to recover considering our run in.

I left my location for the airport knowing we were 1-0 down at half time and i was thinking shit this could screw up our season if we get beat here, when i got there i found out we turned it around and won 2-1 and i don't think i have been so relieved before, couple that with Everton getting a draw at the White Hart Lane got us up to 3rd and from then on we went on an unbeaten run to get 3rd place. I still to this day believe that result was the difference between 3rd and 5th, it would have been hard to mentally recover if we fell to a shock defeat there.

A scrappy win if ever i seen one, but by far imo our most important result of the season.

Do you agree? if not what in your view was the most important result that got us 3rd? The Rafa rant was probably the key action, but im on about results on the pitch :)

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They are all worth 3 points, so i suppose its all down to what happenned as a result of the win. And how it effected other games.

Probably Old trafford simply because if we didn't win that it would have went down to the final day and we don't know what would have happenned.

Coming back vs aston villa which got us over the line was important as well.

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I really cant pick a game but when Suarez got the 2-2 equalizer i really thought we were gonna miss out on the Top 4...

Agreed. Tottenham beat Man City then and I really thought it was over for us. But this is Chelsea. The finish was pretty strong and that is what got us to the UCL.

Anyway, this was the first game that came to my mind when reading the topic title

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Think the most important game or result that set us on the way to getting Champions League football was the 1-0 win against United at Old Trafford. It was an extremely crucial win that gave us more momentum and confidence heading into the final few games. That game came after we played Basel away in the Europa League IIRC and after the number of games we have played this season, the players were probably already running on an empty tank. But getting the late goal and winning such a huge game especially after both Arsenal and Spurs won the previous day, gave the players a lift, renewed energy and momentum heading into the last few games. And not to mention, it put us 3 points ahead of Spurs then going into that head-to-head clash and giving us that small cushion or insurance policy in case things go wrong then but of course didn't. Had we not beaten United then, who knows what could have happened. As we have sometimes seen in the past, nerves could really kick in and we might well have messed up the last few games (thankfully we didn't) and not finish in the Top 4. At that point of the season, any wins like that and continuing the winning run(as we were then) can help the players forget about tiredness and push them over the finishing line and achieve our targets.

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But I think the draw at WHL and the win against United in the 90th minute were very important.

We won 4-2 at WHL :P

Alot of important games, but I think the away win at OT was a big one. Took all the pressure off us and put it in Spurs.

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