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Chelsea Medical Staff

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No, this is not another thread about Eva; not in particular anyway :P

You may remember that our current medical department at Chelsea were put together by AVB's staff at the start of last season, and I have to say they have been a bit of unsung heroes of our team this season. They have done an absolutely incredible job, imo. The fact that we've played 69 games this season with so little injuries is just unbelievable. Rafa has mentioned this in interviews a few times as well.

The job of the medical staff is usually underrated because it goes down behind the scenes, but it could really define your season at times. For example, look at Inter this season who at one point had 13 injured players at the same time, half of which got injured in training and warm ups!

So here is a shout out to our amazing medical staff at Chelsea. Thank you, and please keep up the great work :cfc:

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There is certainly an excellent team assembled there now. Not just Eye candy Eva.

In particular a big shout should go out to Manoel Ribeiro -his experience with dancers at the Royal Ballet is second to none in terms of recuperation techniques, and Thierry Lauren who worked for the French National team is one of the best physiotherapists about.

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I think we were better when Byron English worked in Chelsea.

I'm not so sure.

Before AVB rebuilt the medical team, it wasn't that great. We had a lot of absentees for prolonged periods of time, with no explanation offered. Albeit, that could have just been bad luck & poor communication with the media.. But on the evidence of it, it seems we've improved.

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I hope Jose will not bring with him another medical staff . We want Eva to stay , we want Eva to stay !! :D

Jose will bring in Rui Faria. No doubt about it!! Question is will Jose keep the present medical staff or not! We will have to wait and see!!

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