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1 Year Ago Today

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Best night in the history of Chelsea Football Club. What a will, what a spirit, what a desire. That's what Chelsea is all about. As bad as it may look - we never, ever give up. We're the best. We're Chelsea FC. :cfc:


Right by the end some guys on the motorcycle riding with a CL trophy replica.


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Martin Tyler: "HE'S DONE IT!! The greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club! European Champions! They've beaten Bayern in their own backyard! They've found the holy grail after adventure frought with danger! And Drogba may never play for Chelsea again, he'll never be forgotten. He's immortal at this football club, Gary Neville."

Gary Neville: "It can never get better than this for English football, in this season the most incredible season. The 19th of May 2012, FIFA, UEFA, stop, FOOTBALLLL!!!!"

Martin Tyler: "But then it was Drogba, and Drogba, and here, Drogba. The last kick, the winning kick. The man who lives for finals. The bigger the occasion, the better the response."

Gary Neville: "They're crying. It was Drogba, it was the angels, it was the heavens, it was the stars, it was the gods, it was everything for Chelsea. This is not anything to do with football. This is more than football, this is spirit. Never giving in, fighting to the end, that English spirit running right the way through this Champions League for Chelsea."

Martin Tyler: "What a road, what a journey, what a finish."

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Hopefully we will see many more of these special nights. Was unbelievable. Ah man, the game itself and the penalty shoot out near left me with a dodgy heart but I'd go through all that again to see us win another big European trophy!

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Nothing will ever come close to this. Nothing. This was everything we waited for so long. We went through so much, so fucking much. The Monaco debacle. The Liverpool semi-final phantom goal. The Liverpool penalty shootout. The lost final vs United. Ovrebo's robbery.

Then, last season, the final group-stage game vs Valencia. The Napoli tie. Those two heroic games vs Barcelona. And finally the end of the journey, the win vs Bayern.

As Gary Neville put it, this is more than football. This is what we as fans live for.

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Wow a year already.......feels like yesterday.

Best night of my life.

I love you Chelsea.

Drooooooooogbbaaaaaaa hahahahahahah Oh yes!

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Definitely the best night of my life. Definitely. In fact I've never been happier in my life, and I know every die-hard Chelsea fan went absolutely mental after Drogba's last kick, but I really wish somebody filmed me, because my reaction was out of this world. I've seen countless videos and fan videos of the moments shortly after Drogba's penalty went in, and I looked at how some fans celebrated (I am not trying to ridicule them, btw) and I thought, "What? Was that all you could do?". You should've seen my reaction, seriously.

What will make me never forget that day though, is that I remember almost everything, almost every little detail. I remember what I wore, at what time I left home, and numerous other stupid details. I went out with a mate that night who is also a Chelsea fan, and we watched the game on a big screen. I am so glad I took the decision to not watch it at home, because staying home definitely wasn't a good idea since my brother is a Bayern fan, and had I not taken that decision I am sure that the experience wouldn't have been as great as it was.

During the game I kept telling my mate "we're fucked if we continue to play like this", and I told him this nearly every 10 minutes, for 83 minutes. Less than 3 seconds after Muller scored I got flashbacks of Ronaldo's header in Moscow. The area where the Chelsea fans were was suddenly surrounded by an absolute silence, and you could only hear the Bayern fans. For nearly a minute me and my friend didn't say a single word to each other, and then I just told him "I told you so". He didn't say anything, he just took his Chelsea shirt off (it was the white 07-08 kit, the one we used v Fenerbahce away in the Champions League), and I said "What the heck do you think you're doing?". "Shut up", he said, "I've done this more than once, every time I wore this white kit we've been a goal down, and every time I did this, we never lost." "Well, it definitely isn't going to work this time mate" I said. At that point I had totally given up, and accepted defeat. I thought it just wasn't meant to be.

But my friend believed, he truly did. After he took his shirt off he was so convinced we wouldn't lose, it's unreal. But once we equalized (I initally thought it was Luiz who scored), I was somewhat more optimistic, and more calm too. I knew that Robben and Schweinsteiger were going to miss their penalties. I was 80% sure Mata was going to miss for us, and I was 95% sure Cole was going to miss. In fact Cole's penalty was the only one I didn't have the balls to watch. But when Drogba's penalty went in... my God, I want to experience that feeling again in my life before I die. At least once more. Even if we do it for a second time though, for me it will probably not come anywhere near close to what I felt that night.

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Watching the Sky Sports - Kings of Europe documentary. The whole run was incredible but that night at the Nou Camp was special. Don't think that image of Robbie running up the touchline to Eddie with his arms pumping will ever leave me.

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