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Who would you like to see as Chelsea No.10?

No.10 for Chelsea  

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  1. 1. Who would your choice for the No.10 role?

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Mata, simply because he isn't as versatile as the other two. Oscar and Hazard can still have great careers even if they don't play CAM whereas I don't think that we can say the same for Mata.

Ditto. There's no way we can afford to cut Mata from the starting XI and that means we have to play him where he can hurt the opposition the most. It's a shame he can't be nearly as effective anywhere else.

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It's not close...Mata is our best player and is best suited for the #10 spot. Hazard would be good there, but he excelled coming off the wing as well so see no need to move him. Those two can (and do) interchange positions on the field a fair bit as both can play LAM/LW/CAM. Oscar is our #3 option there and while it's his best position, de-emphasizing Mata and Hazard for Oscar makes zero sense. Ideally, we'd get a real winger sort of player to compete with Moses (start over him even) on the right. I think no matter what, it's going to be difficult to beat top teams with Oscar, Hazard, and Mata as our front three (and without a natural winger who will draw the defense apart, cross the ball in, track back on the wings, etc...).

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Mata should be CAM but that doesn't mean Oscar should never be used there. Oscar offers much more in terms of tracking back. I would love to see Oscar played at CAM instead of Mata when protecting leads or against teams like Barca where Mata will be ineffective

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Oscar, if all three are on the pitch. I'd at least I'd like to see him given a few games played as the no.10. 12 goals and 12 assists is impressive for someone new to European football who has been played out of position.

Mata played left wing for years at Valencia, he's better suited to playing wide then Oscar, if we play all three I'd like see Mata, Oscar, Hazard and let them interchange. Hazard's best position is as winger, he isn't as suited to the no.10 role in my opinion.

But both have played too many games this season, we should be able to rotate/rest them both more if we can bring in a decent winger this summer.

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Voted for Mata, but Oscar should def be giving some chances against lower sides or when Mata needs a rest.

Loved to watch when the 3 amigos would freely rotate positions during the match while playing under Di Matteo, hope however comes as a manager finds a way to make it work without compromising our midfield.

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