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Manchester United - Opposition Views


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Rayan Ammar was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions ahead of our vital league clash with United. Here is what he had to say:

-Firstly, how long have you been a united fan?
Since like 2008 but wasn't so into football back then.
-You’ve had an excellent campaign in the PL. Why do you think it has been easier than previous seasons?
You see everyone learns from their mistakes and I think SAF has learned from the mistakes he's done in the past seasons.
-What, do you think, has put you head and shoulders above other PL sides this season?
Mainly it's the tactics and lineups, but shall we not forget that most of the teams are having troubles with their owners/managers/staff whereas at United everything's alright imo.
-Who has been your player of the season? Why?
Player of the season in United? If yes it's Carrick and it's because of his tremendous midfield performance and ability to give lethal passes into the opposing team's box. If not, it's Gareth Bale because he's had a great season and he's always been the one to rescue Tottenham when they needed it as from goals and assists.
-This will actually be our fifth meeting this season. What did you make of those matches? Do you expect a similar match to the one in the league?
I think our weakness has become when we're winning from the beginning of the match, we start losing it at 60min+. I expect a different match than the one last time in the league simply because United were fighting for the 1st place back then.
-With the tittle won, do you think that the united players will lose a bit of motivation for this match?
Since they've won the title and they won't be breaking any records anymore, their only motivation is mental and winning over Chelsea would give the players some joy but they sure won't be playing eagerly unlike Chelsea who are fighting to finish in top4.
-Chelsea have had a hectic schedule and are still in the hunt for the EL. Do you think that will give you an edge on Sunday?
I think Chelsea would rest some key players for more important fixtures coming like FA cup and EL Final and Tottenham's match.
-If you could have one Chelsea player at United, who would it be and why?
It would definitely be Hazard because he's skilled and has a bright future.
-What lineup and formation would Sir Alex likely use?
I think the lineup would be: DDG, Rio, Evans, Jones, Evra. Carrick, Valencia, Young and Welbeck. Up front RVP and Chicha.
-Finally, please predict the final result.
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