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Buck On Mourinho's Exit.

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Bruce Buck gives us the most blatant reason, as to why Jose was asked to leave as he answers the following Question.

Tell us about the first season that José was here where success came instantly.

I was at the press conference when José was introduced. I had probably met him three, four, five times before that in sessions when we were deciding who the next manager will be and on his own, in a press conference in a group like this and he blurts out 'I am not from a bottle I am a special one' and the rest is history.

Why did he go? Well, the relationship between José and the board had broken down, from a business perspective, and we decided, and he was in accord with this, that we should separate ways. Having said that, we are not writing José Mourinho out of the history books, like we are with Mr Bates maybe!

It is now obvious that Chelsea could see Jose Mourinho's attitude in the media was affecting Chelsea's business. Chelsea made many enemies in the media and in the FA. Jose Mourinho's ranting on Ref's decisions, on the upbringing of Ronaldo, on verbal fites with everyone he faced including his own paymaster brought his own downfall. Last year, according to me Mourinho went a bit overboard with his ranting. Everyone started hating Chelsea with the Manager's attitude in the media and players attitude on the field. This obviously seems to have affected the Chelsea's business interests. Add to that the so called "boring football" of Chelsea dint help the cause either. Fickle minded Fans around the world had started hating Chelsea and its football. Wish Jose, had not been that outspoken, he would probably still have been our manager this season :(

Although Buck did admit in the next question that winning was important but its also important for Chelsea to make good business inorder to buy the top players in future inorder to compete with other clubs in Europe.

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Oh Yes, and that explains why we have Mistah GRANT!!...Totally Opposite to Jose Mourinho. Wouldnt rant, wouldnt take digs at other players or Refs or managers, wouldnt even talk when required to talk instead Only yaps "We play attacking football" :rolleyes:

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