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Official Goal of the Season List

Goal of the Season  

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  1. 1. TOCFCWS has chosen the following ten - which do you think?

    • Branislav Ivanovic vs Wigan [a, FAPL]
    • Fernando Torres vs Newcastle, 2-0, [h, FAPL]
    • Oscar (2nd goal) vs Juventus, 2-2, [h, UCL]
    • Gary Cahill vs Tottenham, 4-2, [a, FAPL]
    • Juan Mata (2nd goal) vs Tottenham, 4-2, [a, FAPL]
    • Eden Hazard vs Stoke, 4-0, [a, FAPL]
    • Frank Lampard vs Newcastle, 2-3, [a, FAPL]
    • Eden Hazard vs West Ham, 2-0, [h, FAPL]
    • Demba Ba vs Manchester United, 1-0, [h, FA Cup]
    • David Luiz vs Fulham, 3-0, [a, FAPL]
    • David Luiz vs Basel, 3-1, [h, EL]

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The voting for Goal of the Season has been opened by the club and below are the 10 goals they have selected in which we can vote:

1. Ivanovic vs Wigan (A)
2. Torres vs Newcastle (H)
3. Oscar's 2nd goal vs Juventus (H)
4. Cahill vs Spurs (A)
5. Mata's 2nd goal vs Spurs (A)
6. Hazard vs Stoke (A)
7. Lampard vs Newcastle (A)
8. Hazard vs West Ham (H)
9. Demba Ba vs Man United (FA Cup - H)
10. Luiz vs Fulham (A)
11. Luiz vs Basel (H)

Your choice for goal of the season?

Which goals from that list do you think shouldn't be in there and be replaced by others instead? What other goals you think are better than the ones listed?

The goal of the season IMO is obviously Oscar's 2nd against Juventus. Just pure quality and inspiration. Shed a tear when I saw it.

Also, don't particularly agree with few of them above - Ivanovic vs Wigan, Torres vs Newcastle, Lampard vs Newcastle and Hazard vs Stoke. Can be replaced by others such as Mata vs Wolves(H) and Newcastle(A), Hazard vs Man United(A) and Sparta Prague(H) & Luiz vs Villa(H). Those are much better goals.

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If Hazard's crackers against Sparta Prague and Man United were included, it would just Hazard's competition :D

From this list I choose Oscar but my vote would go to Hazard's goal against Sparta.

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Oscar vs Juve is the goal of the decade, let alone this season. One of the best I've ever seen.

If this goal was in a major final/semifinal, it would have gone down in history.

If it was in a winning final or semifinal. This one seems to be forgotten, to some extent.

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Hazard involved in 6 of the 10 goals as either the goalscorer or having provided the assist. Also, his goals against Sparta and Man United should definitely be up there. Not bad.

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