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Two Real Madrid Players


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Okay, chances are that if Jose Mourinho returns to Stamford he will bring along some Real Madrid players. I'm guessing two. Which two would you have here?

Some rules and stipulations:

1. No Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas. I don't want to see people suggesting either of them.

2. Remember that at least half of the locker room hates Jose, so choose carefully.

3. Daniel Carvajal is essentially a Real Madrid player, it's only time, so he counts.

I'd have Karim Benzema and Xabi Alonso here. Why? I'll tell you later as I'm going to watch Ironman 3 in 3-D soon.

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Modric... May not love Mourinho, but at Chelsea it would be a different situation, and he would be able to get regular game time. Would be a great playmaker for the pivot.

I do like ozil a lot, but i am not sure exactly where he would fit in, so based on out needs, i would have to go with benzema/higuain.

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Khedira and Ramos easy choice really! Modric would be decent also but it would make us too lightweight. I think we need more big men! i dont really see the point of having Modric playing behind Mata, Hazard and Oscar basically the same type of player but just playing deeper! i would much rather Khedira with a DM, as Khedira can break up play, is good in possession, good passer and can bring the ball forward like Essien in his prime!

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