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Kenyon And Grants Exciting Football

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Kenyon concedes Blues lack style

_44555334_grantkenyon_b203.jpg Kenyon has urged Chelsea fans to get behind Avram Grant

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon has conceded that the clubs style of play is not entertaining enough.

Kenyon praised manager Avram Grant for successfully guiding the Blues to a Champions League semi-final but still thinks the team are a work in progress.

"I dont think that it is where we want to be but everybody still wants to improve," he said.

When he replaced Jose Mourinho last September, Grant said he would aim to make the team more exciting to watch.

Chelsea are three points behind Premier League leaders Manchester United, with five games to play, and have booked a Champions League semi-final with Liverpool.

However, Grant has still failed to win over a section of Stamford Bridge fans and others have questioned his approach but Kenyon is adamant he should be backed.

"We are in the semi-final of the Champions League and we are right up there in the most competitive run-in of the Premier League that we have had for many years," he stated.

"The crowd needs to get behind the team and that is as much Avram as anyone else. "It has only been a fairly small element (who have been anti-Grant) and I'm sure we will see the crowd at Stamford Bridge behind the complete team."


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Lol Kenyon is a puppet/muppet -anyone else reckon he wanted Mourinho to stay but just went along for the cash ? -his paymasters pull the strings and he puts the gloss on it. Even if we fail to Part the Red Sea and lose to Liverpool methinks the owners will stick with Rabbi Avram, sadly.

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What the fuck did we do to get Kenyon, Buck and Grant? You couldnt pick three more lame fuckwits if you tried

sad but true that's how the control freak RA likes 'em......................he can then dominate them....................fucking lamers.


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