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Remind me again why he was sold. I could never make sense of it.


In late August 2005 Tiago signed for Essien's former club on a four-year contract, for a 10.1 million transfer fee.[4][5] Mourinho later confessed in an interview that letting him go was "a big mistake.

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It did seem abit rash at the time..he was growing into the solid player he has become..we did have an epic midfield during his time here and in the few years that followed tho so just one of those good players that great clubs look for better than.

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As a replacement for Luiz and Mikel (possibly even Lamps) then he might make sense on a short-term contract whilst the younger guys ease their way into the first-team.

There aren't many players who are free, know the manager, know the club, know this league (and how to win it) and whose last two games were winning La Liga at the Camp Nou and the Champions League final.

Still....random. Smells a bit Manichey

Also, this

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Had an amazing season under Simeone and would add quality depth. I would only sign him on top of another quality midfielder though, and if the signing meant to only be a stop gap to give way for Chalobah/RLC the season after.

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Merged with the existing Tiago thread.

Surprising, but wouldn't be a bad deal on a free. He's experienced, has played at a very high level for very long, and showed this season that he can still be perform very well despite his age.

Plus, he scored this goal...


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