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Suarez bites Ivanovic

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Well, remember that before Suarez went biting our players, we had the incompentence of letting 2-0 leads go away, QPR beat us at home and many other chances. Chelsea will be the one responsible for possibly not finishing top4, not anyone else...

Yes, I feel the same about this cunt, but he hasnt cost us anything!

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We have cost us this season...

1) appointing RdM and then sacking him

2) attacking Clatten-cunt and not expecting repercussions...

3) appointing FSW

4) loaning out quality players and selling squad players in a depleted team - leaving us bare in our longest season ever!!!

5) ......

Still more to come I feel - Top 4 and Europa winners? ;)

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Are you serious? Blaming everybody else except for ourselves. His scratchy teeth had nothing to do with us gifting points away long before that.

Now calm down Manpe, this is exactly how we do it on this board. Narcissistic lot with mood swings of a bipolar.

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He hasn't even been in England for three years and already he has a controvesy sheet twice as long as John Terry's.

Suarez should be banned for a minimum of 7 matches. I've said 10 earlier but 7 was the amount of matches he was banned for when he bit Otman Bakkal in the Eredivisie.

According to the Guardian in England alone he has

  • Dived in the Liverpool derby which resulted in Jack Rodwell being sent off.
  • Guilty of racial abuse towards Patrice Evra
  • Gave Fulham fans the middle finger
  • Refused to shake Evra's hand after being named guilty
  • Took the piss out of Everton and Moyes' by doing a diving celebration
  • Handle the ball before scoring a goal against Mannsfield
  • Biten Branislav Ivanovic
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Ban the cunt for life. Have his teeth removed with pliers, all of them, publicly, in front of the Matthew Harding stand. Without, of course, the use of any kind of pain killer. Then invite the other "old boys" back and let them loose on the cunt in the grounds of the old Black Bull pub. That might encourage him to leave these shores.

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Has this piece of filth cost us a Top 4 finish?


QPR, Southampton, Reading cost us a top four and no amount of bitey little cunts will change the fact that we've not been that good this season.

He got 7 games in Holland, so that is the bare minimum. Throw in the fact he got 8 games for racism and is a repeat offender and he's looking at 10 games minimum in my opinion.

Of course this puts Liverpool in a tough position. They pride themselves on somehow being 'better' than other clubs, more pure or some bullshit and this guy is a disgrace to their club. But he's also their best player, so what comes first - pride or selfishness?

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Even the home game, his blatant push on our player to give him a free headed equaliser. Everything has transpired against us this season but if we don't get 4th, it's our own fault. Maybe next season we'll get lots of luck and turn things around. If Luiz had just stayed with the Cannibal, we'd be sitting in 3rd with 2 more points now. We've thrown away too many leads both home and away.

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Nobody is blaming Chelsea's poor game on Suarez. They are blaming Suarez biting Ivanovic on Suarez. How you can sit behind your computer and defend this man is beyond me.

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