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TV revenue revealed - Blues earned £113m in 11/12 season

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1. Chelsea - £113m in TV revenue from 2011/12

An historic Champions League win helped Chelsea to run away from the rest in the TV revenue charts, showing the value of success in Europe's premier competition. The Blues are unlikely to match their £113m earnings this year however, following an exit from the Champions League in the group stage

Last season, of all the Premier League teams, Chelsea recouped the most in television revenue in the 2011/12 season. Manchester United were second with £104m, whilst Manchester City's £88m and Arsenal's £85m saw them placed third and fourth respectively. Those figures dwarf the sums amassed by Liverpool £63m (who reached two cup finals, may I remind you) and Tottenham (£62m).

You will note the four biggest earners were Champions League performers that campaign. Liverpool and Tottenham enjoyed decent runs in the Europa League, hence the disparity in earnings. This is because the Europa League coverage was sold by UEFA to ESPN and ITV for meagre sums in comparison to the Champions League:

Club benefit from the UCL:

  • Chelsea FC, who won the title after a penalty shoot-out at the Fußball Arena München in May, received €59.935m in payments from UEFA. This sum consisted of €29.9m in participation, match and performance bonuses in the group and knockout stages, including the final, as well as €30.035m from the television market pool.
  • In addition, €9m went to Chelsea for their success in the final, while Bayern earned €5.6m as runners-up. Other clubs to earn substantial amounts from the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League were FC Barcelona (€40.550m), AC Milan (€39.864m), Real Madrid CF (€38.434m), Manchester United FC (€35.182m) and FC Internazionale Milano (€31.569m).
  • All of the 32 participating clubs received a minimum €7.2m in accordance with the distribution system.
  • Additionally, performance bonuses were paid in the group stage: sides received €800,000 for every win and €400,000 for every draw.
  • The 16 clubs that reached the round of 16 were each assigned an additional €3m, the eight quarter-finalists an extra €3.3m, and the four semi-finalists a bonus of €4.2m.

Source: http://www.uefa.com/uefa/management/finance/news/newsid=1840934.html

Importantly, monies from the market pool were distributed according to the proportional value of the national TV market each individual team represented, among other factors, so the amounts given varied from country (or national association) to country - with England and Spain recouping the most in television rights.

The Champions League is a money market - one we've missed out on this season. In comparison to the UCL, teams that reach the Europa League last four pocket a total €9 million (with progression via the group stage) - of course we featured briefly in the major competition before finishing third in our group. Yet from the above statistics, it is likely the Blues will have earned roughly €20 million (£17m) in television rights from UEFA this season. Not bad, but not even a third of last season's earnings.

We may manage to recoup some money via participation elsewhere - though the Club World Cup has literally no worth beyond a relatively unimportant trophy, the two post-season games against Manchester City may help the club regain some revenue - possibly up to £8 million for those two games alone. Featuring in the Community Shield offers minimal revenue but the UEFA Supercup will have generated €2.3m to add to the kitty. A run to the FA Cup semi-final means we will earn approximately 78% of the television revenue we earned last season, but none of it makes for pleasant reading, does it?

All in all, it means we've got little chance of recouping more than £75 million in television revenue this year - a poultry 66% of last season's monster tally, A third-placed finish may win us an additional £3m on what we earned last year, but what this does is highlights just how important the Champions League is to this club.

We may well be down a massive £33 million - or more - on television revenues this season. That's the difference between spending big and bringing in another Eden Hazard, or looking at free transfers and signing another Steve Sidwell.

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When I read the story above. I can´t help but stress the urgency to compete in CL next season.

Chelsea have been a success under Roman & hopefully this team will continue to win major trophies.

There is just too much money in CL to miss it, next year or in the years after.

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Could easily match and surpass the £113m figure with the new TV deal coming in. £5.5 billion spread over 3 years, with the amount per club depending on final league postions. The top team will effectively earn around £91m, nearly double the sum of the current TV deal earnings.

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So much money offered for clubs these days, as I read above.

Hopefully, Chelsea can use this money wisely & buy more players to strengthen the club.

First of all, I´d like to see some changes in the management though, then hire a manager who could stay for more than 6 months.

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