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Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea


Man of the Match  

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    • Cech
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    • Ivanovic
    • Luiz
    • Bertrand
    • Mikel
    • Ramires
    • Oscar
    • Mata
    • Hazard
    • Torres
    • Benayoun(sub)
    • Moses(sub)
    • Lampard(sub)

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Can't, just can't wrap my head around what happened.

Suarez, who should not have been on the pitch, scores the equalizer after the six added mins, that should not have been added, were well over. That's not just to mention that Shelvey should have seen red for the tackle on Oscar; the same for Sturridge on Bertrand. "Robbed" is an understatement. Kevin Friend is a fucking idiot.

Suarez will get the ban, but how in the world would that compensate for the two dropped points?!

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I thank this game, really, because it makes me realize/re-comfirm few things:

1, My most hated team is Liverpool, not Barca or ManU, it always be Liverpool no matter how incompetative they are right now.

2, There's an insect playing professional football and it's called Suarez, who bites human.

3, Carragher is the most disgusting cunt, him and the insect I mentioned above.

4, There really has no JUSTICE in football and it breaks my heart to watch my beloved team fucked over game by game. I think I will stay away from this sport for a while.

5, I love Chelsea more than anything of my life except my families.

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Friend simply destroyed our hopes of finishing in the top4. Suaraz has always bee a cunt, he is not going to change. But the fact is that there should never 6 added minutes, let alone 7 (!!) and Suarez should have been long before off. So, Kevin Friend, many Spurs and Arsenal fans are now sending you their thanking messages. I'm telling you fuck you.

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Had tears in my eyes when the biting cunt equalized. Coulnd't believe it, still can't believe it. We've been fucked over so badly during this match. The 6 extra minutes already were as big of a joke you can get. Oh look they haven't scored, give them another fucking minute.

And Rafa, my god Rafa...

I will shed tears of joy when you finally fuck off. What the fuck was he thinking when he made those subs? I want a replay of his face from the moment the cunts scored, I bet he was smiling. Just piss off and take that masked bitch with you.

Too pissed off to waste anymore time on this, FUCK!!!!

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Fucking disgraceful that Suarez was still on the pitch but to score in the 97th minute is just absolutely unforgivable at this professional level of football. Fucking fuming!

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In all fairness, we didn't create many chances. Never really threatened going forward and then just sat back and invited Liverpool pressure.

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officiating aside, it was a heroic effort by Chelsea, playing the entire game down one man.

And then in the final 15 minutes down 2 men! because Banayou sub was ridiculous... He is clearly not match fit, regardless whether he is still good enough.

Both defenders played very well, but both crosses were just too good. Bertrand did not defend well not closing down quickly enough. And although Mikel was't bad, I think we can and should do better with a player who is more active and isn't so easily beaten.

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the first word that comes to my mind is ROBBED...

some1 has to investigate the completely biased and the hopeless refreeing against chelsea... how was the last play even valid... 96 minutes up, the ball is in the opposition half and the ref lets pool build a play... even a long ball would have been understandable but they fucking built up a play after the clock reached 96 minutes. DISGRACEFUL...


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