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Manchester City - Opposition Views 2


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South East Citizen and Bert Trautmanns neck brace from ManCityForum were kind enough to answer a few questions ahead of our FA cup semifinal match with Manchester CIty. Here is what they had to say:

-Let’s start with the win against united on Monday. Do you think that has revived your tittle hopes or are united still too far ahead?

South East Citizen- No, United still too far ahead.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- No and yes

-The season is coming to an end, what have you made of it? And how did your team differ from last season?

South East Citizen- Not as good as last season but still not a disaster. Winning the FA Cup will make it decent. Haven't scored enough goals this season.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Second season syndrome

-Would you say the FA cup is your priority now?

South East Citizen- Yup

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- HAs to be

-Our games in the league were extremely cagey. Do you expect a similar affair on Sunday and Why?

South East Citizen- I think it will be fairly open with all the attacking talent on display and we seem to have the evil eye over Chelsea.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Depends which teams turn up

-Chelsea have had a crazy schedule this season. Do you think that will tip the balance in your way?

South East Citizen- Nah I think Chelsea have a big enough squad. Our better team will tip the balance hopefully.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Possibly although they have rotated well

-Silva is a doubt for this one. How big a miss would he be?

South East Citizen- A very big miss, we don't really have a player of his class ready to step into that role, although Nasri has been playing better of late.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Very big

-Speaking of Silva, do you think he has been your best player this season or would you nominate someone else?

South East Citizen- No. No stand out candidates really this season, Zabaleta has probably been our best player.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- ZAbaletta by far

-If you could have one Chelsea player at City, who would it be and why?

South East Citizen- Mata or Hazard. Always like Ramires and Ivanovic, although they seem to have gone off the boil of late.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace-Mata

-What lineup and formation is Mancini likely to use on Sunday?

South East Citizen- 442 hopefully. Hart, Zabs, Kompany, Nastastic, Clichy, Milner, Barry, Yaya, Nasri, Tevez, Agüero.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- You tell me

-Finally, please predict the result.

South East Citizen- 2-0 City.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Draw 1-1 after 90 mins

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