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Siasia Raps: Chelsea Have Blunted Obi Mikel Career

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Nigeria U23 coach Samson Siasia says John Obi Mikel's career has stalled at Chelsea. In the 2005 World Youth Championships in Holland, Mikel and Barcelona's Argentine Lionel Messi were regarded as the tournament's biggest stars.

"You cannot compare Mikel with Lionel Messi anymore. Messi has gone very far ahead of Mikel because Mourinho changed Mikel's game by converting him from an offensive player to a defensive one," Siasia told the Daily Sun.

"Mikel is no more as creative as he used to be. These days, he gets the ball and goes backwards instead of forward. He has not been as productive as he used to be.

"The Mikel I trained for the WYC in Holland was an offensive midfielder. He was very good and outstanding at the Championship. He could pass the ball to strikers, create chances and shoot at goal. These days, you can count how many times Mikel shoots at goal when he is playing in the Premiership.

"That's why Messi is doing better than him today. From the best player at the Junior World Cup, Messi has graduated to become the world's second best player."

Former Nigeria World Cup captain Siasia also said: "(Jose) Mourinho is a different coach. He had other good players in the midfield like Frank Lampard, who can score goals even from a distance. That's why he had to play Mikel as a defensive midfielder. But I still consider him as an offensive player. He can run all day on the pitch. He played his heart out as an offensive player in Holland."

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You can't compare Messi and Mikel, they're completely different players completely. Mikel doesn't have the speed to be an advanced playmaker. His physique is built for a defensive minded chappy.

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I would agree that we havn't seen enough of Mikel's attacking abilty since he has been here.... however, i don't think i can see him as a playmaker for us ever, but i think he can be played further forward more still at times....

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I am sure that the defensive midfield role is the best one for him to be honest... I always thought that playing him there would be part of his training to make him the complete midfielder, i never thought that the holding role would be his long term role.

I have never seen Mikel play the attacking midfield role properly so it is hard to know how he would do there for us....

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I am noty slagging jose of but thats the difference between him and fergie. Fergie will buy

a top quality young player like anderson, and just say play you game son mourinho will

try to shape you into his system.

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