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A New way of Attacking


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Or maybe 3) we should all just wait till the end of the season lol


P.S dellaw dude , we all got ideas . But none's gonna work lol :) PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR TEAM like frickin looserpool' scums do -__-

So I'm right, you're gonna do nowt, whilst spouting rubbish

Not bothered about your sexual preference, nice of you to let us all know though.

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A new way of attacking would be converting the chances we get, that might make a difference. This current strategy of missing the goal isn't working, but that's just my opinion. :clown:

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Fans could boycott going to matches or something like that . It would make an serious impact

I'd boycott matches, but I don't want to stop supporting the team. Sometimes I wonder when there are some pals clapping in the 16th minute, should I clap also (most of the times I do, because RDM is a true legend) ? However, it influences the squad and I'm not happy about that. We should have a supporter's group that has nothing to do with the official ChelseaFC board or whatever and can decide what they want to do.

I see people saying here booing Rafa has no influence. To be honest, I don't know if that's true. It comes in the press and in match reports that Rafa has been booed once again. I read a lot that this is going on only in home games. I only went to West Ham (for away games that is) this year and I heard some abusive language towards Rafa (& Torres) there too. They even had a (little) flag with 'Rafa Chelsea Reject'. If we really want to stand up and do something about it, we need proper banners & flags that shows what we want. Not f*cking A4 Papers with RAFA OUT on it. That makes us look ridiculous (don't you think?).

Here in Belgium, Standard de Liège criticized the board once by hanging all their banners and flags upside down at the Stadium. I do fear, though, if someone would plan to make a banner that says 'RAFA OUT', and hangs that on the stands, the poor guy would get a ban for a long time.

I don't know, I don't care about Rafa, I only care about Chelsea FC, too bad Rafa's a part of it (for now)..

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