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Chelsea's Keys to FA Cup Success


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The FA Cup is the largest, most renowned domestic trophy in European football. It's the cup that every Premiership team desires more than anything else. Past winners include the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Its appeal also stems from the fact that English league minnows, clubs from the lower divisions, can be drawn against the best of the best.

With this in mind, the FA Cup is an unpredictable game, this season already playing host to two giant-killing games with Leeds United knocking out Tottenham and Oldham majestically conquering Liverpool. It's an exciting competition to have a bet on, that's for sure, so perhaps consider visiting wageronsports.com for more information. The site also looks at strategies for a plethora of other sports, enabling you to do pretty much anything, including having a little wager on college football if you'd like.

Chelsea are the current holders of the UEFA Champions League, the biggest club competition in the world. Their season has stumbled of late, however, and losing manager Roberto Di Matteo was a blow, a blow that has not been softened by the arrival of former Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez. They are also the current holders of the FA Cup and have struggled to repeat last season's form, having to replay the majority of their matches against lower-league teams.

With a very intriguing tie against Manchester United on the horizon, Chelsea, their staff and their players, need to seriously think about how they're going to retain their trophy, especially as many agree that it wont be too easy doing so.

The key here is to not get ahead of themselves; they have a tie to play against Middlesbrough first, a win setting up a game with Manchester United. That can't enter their heads, however, as they need to focus on the game in hand. They certainly have the players to win the competition, the likes of Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Oscar and Ramires all keen goal-scorers and they'll need to be deployed effectively.

Finally, Benitez needs to appease the fans by selecting a balanced team, brimming with offensive intent as well as steely guard. This means using the likes of Mata, Demba Ba and Hazard, backed up by Chelsea talismans such as Ashley Cole, John Terry and, perhaps most importantly, Frank Lampard. Once Benitez gets the balance right, it will fall into place for the Blues.

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It's all well and good but we don't have a prayer of beating Man Utd away in a game of that magnitude with this current regime. We've won 4 in 6, we aint gonna win it again. Man Utd are hungry for the FA Cup this season after going 9 years without it. Rooney has never won it. We'll beat 'Boro but that's where the journey will end. I'd be confident a few years ago, even a few months ago under Robbie, not now. We can forget about the FA Cup this season.

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Honestly I would really love and wish that we retain the title but i dont think we are up for it.

We are playing far too many games in and out every week which is really taking the toll on the players, i m sure it is very much visible in their performances now. (Cahill mentioning that the players are tired) I read somewhere yest that if the match against Boro is a draw then it is going to be difficult squeezing in the second match as the schedule is so god damn tight.

I think we need to be realistic towards our goals for what is left in the season. I would want the club to prioritize their goals and the FA is surely not on the top rather shouldn't be on the top. Field in all the reserves players for the FA and give rest to our 11. We should try and focus our energy in getting to the top 4 which should be the most important thing for this messed up season and in the Europa if possible (i wouldnt mind if we let that go as well).

For this season I feel satisfied if we are in the top 4 without any trophies/titles than playing in the Europa again next year which is seriously a disgrace for a club like Chelsea who has achieved a lot.

P.S: It would surely make me jump in joy if we can be in the top 4 and clinch the FA or the Europa but that is next to impossible right now.

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