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Man City 2-0 Chelsea


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We performed as well as this forum is going to perform for the first 15 minutes after the match.

As I said in the main thread, same shit different day. This City team was eminently beatable until Benitez announced the team. No adventure, no ambition, no bollocks.

Ramires isn't good enough. Half his touches are amateurish. Not good enough in the midfield, not good enough on the right....but, but, but Barca....SHUT UP!!! Moses or Oscar would've been better.

Mikel. I'm going to guess his passing percentage was above 90% which makes him immune from criticism. Some people say he was away at the ACON. More like ACONvent Garden - best human statue I've ever seen for Toure's goal (shit joke, but I don't care).

Mata, Hazard, Ba.....I'm sorry. Doesn't matter how good the chef is if we're going to give them shit to cook with.

Cahill - great at the last-ditch tackle but at some point you have to wonder why he seems to make so many last-ditch tackles. I'm great at putting fires out, but maybe I should stop with the fire-eating when I'm so clearly shit at it.

Ivanovic - you're not as good a right-back as Azpi has been for the last 5 months. It's not your fault. You shouldn't have been playing. You should've played on Friday so JT could play today.

Lamps......had a good game, missed a penalty, tried to shoot from about 35 yards twice. Can't say much more.

All in all, nothing surprising. Not being able to go turned out to be a blessing in the end. Going to treat myself to Robben on FUT and pretend it's still 2005.

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I find it hard to see us getting top 4 with this idiot on charge. Can't make simple decisions that every Chelsea fan would make. Has to do something different and stupid.

I. E.

Let's rest our best defender against city yet play him in the Europa.

Mikel and lamps in midfield

Rambo on the right. Every Chelsea fan in the world knows that doesn't work.

Then to top it off he doesn't change anything til we went behind... Again...

And then takes off our second best player and leaves on our worst (in that game).

The players didn't play well but wtf is he doing. I am confident he has no idea what to do.

Sack him. Bring in anyone for the last 11 games of the season. Then bring back KDB.

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Penalty miss decided the game, after that we caved in. You should always put your mortgage on Tevez scoring against us, it's that nailed on.

I knew we would get nothing from this, and as good as some of our players are we aren't up to City or United standard yet because we lack fight and cutting edge.

Sick as cunt right now.

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Benitez has to go, it's clear as day now. But he can't be blamed for 100% of it. Lots has to do with the players not turning up. Ivanovic and Lampard we're worst on the pitch today. Cahill, Hazard and Cech were solid. It's funny but it's not the strikers that should be our transfer priority come summer, it's the midfield. Lampard, Mikel and Ramires not good enough. Ramires is good going forward at times but too sloppy mostly. Mikel defensively solid most of the time but if he does make a mistake it's a big one. Although Mikel did give us stability today, we fell apart if Mikel was subbed for Torres. (which is understandable subsitution) I'm sorry but Lampard today isn't what he used to be. He seems to be more focused on getting the 203 goals for himself than he is of the club's welfare (just look at the optimistic shots from 40 yards out) but today he was below par for even a 35 year old. Not blaming him for penalty miss, shit happens. Hope he gets his 203 tally but for me, it's his time to bow out. We need new CMFs and DMFs to help Mata, Hazard, Ba and so on. Benat? Capoue? Cabaye? Modric? Fellaini? Players like that.

City were better, well done to them. Upwards and onwards. Come on Chelsea!! Cahill MOTM

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Cahill played well today...way above expectations. I was hoping Terry would start ahead of him, but am glad he played...and tbh the starting line-up was exactly what I hoped for.

But those last few subs, removing Mikel and Lampard, was asking for trouble considering City had Tevez AND Aguero on the pitch.

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In comparison to our title winning years, I don't think we'll be challenging for a few seasons unless massive changes are made and not just towards the squad and management, but the board.

I am 100 percent certain Rafa does changes at our club he would never do at Liverpool for the sheer fact that he has an baffling idea that it could work, and is willing to risk it due to not giving two shits about this club. Dead on

Having no possession minded midfielder, something Ive been stating since 2011, has really fucking helped us alot.

Benat, Benat, Benat, Benat, Benat, Benat, oh why the fuck did we not go for BENAT!?!???!?!

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Benitez is the most worthless cunt ever,

Shit subs, shit selection, shit everything.

Terry for Mikel before toure's goal, Move david luiz to midfield,

Oscar for Rami then,

3rd sub for whoever needs it,

Game Won or at least drawn

How can this useless sack of shit not see this?

Must have a party when he leaves and takes that useless torres cunt with him

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