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Must say, I'm excited, but the PS3 was revolutionary with the graphics. Will the PS4 really be able to be that much of an improvement? I'm not even ready for a new console! I think the PS3 still feels new! The only way I could see better graphics being achievable would be if everyone were to upgrade their actual TV's.

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Kinda upset. Controller looks shit and awkward, graphics nothing incredibly special which i expected.. meh. I really do think it's still too soon for a new console, I really do. Sony are about to majorly fuck up, and I'm a 'Sony fan boy'.

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@Leif, I actually think the presentation has been fairly good. I will still wait 1-2 years to buy it, but it hasnt been disapointing...

I guess so. Just usually, well, with the PS3 anyway, it made me want it on release day, so I saved up literally all the money I could and got a part time job just so I could get it. This though... hmph. I'd rather just go to sleep and play MY version of the PS4 in my dreams -_-

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Press conference being going on for 2 hours. Lots of game announcements and stuff but no images of the actual console or price or anything.

Coment here mate! ;)

Yeah I know, I thought it would be 45-50min long! :P

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Haha they didn't show the console! Looks great though.Bungie's a huge plus, they even got PS4 only exclusives! Blizzard will make the nerds happy. Specs look good. I like the controller and the new Share feature. Watch Dogs and Infamous looked great too! Shame we didn't see anything like an Uncharted 4. Either way it looks like a definite pre-order for me.

Here's what we know spec wise thus far:

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Any release date for the ps4 announced?

No console.

No release date.

No price.


Nobody was expecting any of that to be announced!

Not showing the console was one of the smartest moves I have seen Sony doing. They will have something to talk about on E3 and the rest of the year.

They did say it will release on Holiday 2013 though...

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