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Gordon Strachan

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Vital Football

New reports are circulating this afternoon that Celtic Boss Gordon Strachan has been approached by agents working on behalf of Chelsea Football Club for a managerial position.

Details are sketchy but we are infomed that the diminutive Scot, who is one of the few football managers on the planet as charismatic and entertaining as Jose Mourinho has been asked about the manager's job starting in the Summer. It is thought that he has won everything he is going to win north of the border and has long harboured a desire to try his hand at the top level in England.

A source close to the negotiations reported:

'Aye, ets reet enough. The wee man has been lined oop noo doot aboot it. Every punter here has been greetin' and moonin all fae the mornin. We dinnae want him tae leave'

It is understood that Strachan would bring Jan Vennegoor-af-Hesselink along with him as the long term replacement for Didier Drogba who is understood to have revealed to close friends this morning that he wants to join Juventus.

We await further developments with interest!

Source; Vital Football.

Cunts. I fell for it till I realised it was April 1st.

But it also dawned on me how I'd welcome anyone with a football brain other than the present buffoon.

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Always thought Strachan was funny when interviewed, and he would be a 100% imrovement on what we have now. Shame its only an April Fool.

I've got a lot of time for Strachan, was a great player and does'nt seem to take life too seriously. Can be a bit of a Thrush though at times (Irritating cunt)

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My how observant, you are indeed clever :rolleyes: , Cant manage because he's ginger eh? now if I was to mention that Grant cant manage because he's an unknown Jewsh scum cunt?

Cant "The wes" go off and support Rottenham"?

can you go and support celtic????????

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