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The Weekend's Top 10 Chelsea Transfer Gossip...

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There was barely an inky back page of paper without the words "Roman Abramovich to splash out..." or "Bridge exodus" on it this weekend. Here's the top ten transfer rumours of the past couple of days...

1) Drogba and Lampard OUT to Inter

It's simple maths Mourinho goes to Inter, Drogba, Lamps (and God forbid not JT) follow. I think this will happen, and nobody at Chelsea will be able to do anything to stop it.

Chances of happening: Tragically high 2) Bridge OUT to Newcastle

Though Wayne snapping on the heels of Ashley is always a good thing, few Chelsea fans would deny him the chance for regular first team football. It's likely to be at the toon, West Ham or Man City.

Chances of happening: Almost a certainty

3) Pizarro OUT to Werder Bremen

Someone's got to take this man off of Chelsea's hands, and only people in Germany would want him. It'll probably be on a costly season loan.

Chances of happening: 50:50

4) Xavi IN from Barcelona

Solid, creative midfielder. He's a great player, but is literally the last thing Chelsea need right now. There's already at least four Xavis on the Chelsea books.

Chances of happening: Slim at best

5) Ronaldinho IN from Barcelona

Never heard this one before...

Chances of happening: I'd bet a kidney on it

6) Gabriel Obertan IN from Bordeaux

Known as the new Zidane (largely due to him being French, and having a slightly baldy head) Obertan is a "dribbly" striker. A bit like Torres, but nowhere near as good...

Chances of happening: Man United are showing interest, so chances are this will definitely happen at an extremely inflated fee to stop Ferg getting his paws on him.

7) Mikel OUT to anyone who'll have him

Seems the Obi one has got the hump about a lack of first team footy lately. He wants out, but I doubt he'll be allowed to leave.

Chances of happening: Very slim.

8) Owen IN from Newcastle

Silly gossip based on a Sky Sports rant. Never going to happen.

Chances of happening: Almost zero.

9) Mario Gomez IN from Stuttgart

He's both German and Spanish and scores a shed load of goals up front in Germany. However the last time Chelsea bought a marksman from the Bundesliga, it didn't go too well.

Chances of happening: about 10:1

10) Nikola Kalinic IN from Hajduk Split

The Croatian striker could be one for the future, and could also provide a small friend for Luka Modric!

Chances of happening: Quite possible..


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