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Ranieri Still Bitter About Blues

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Ranieri still bitter about Blues

And it's Peter Kenyon who he blames for departure

Claudio Ranieri admits he is still bitter over the manner in which Chelsea showed him the Stamford Bridge exit door.

The popular Italian, speaking to the Observer newspaper, has revealed the role Peter Kenyon played in his departure.

Ranieri believes Chelsea chief executive Kenyon was the man who orchestrated an exit he never desired, with the 56-year-old eventually replaced by Jose Mourinho in 2004 - despite having previously enjoyed four successful years at the helm.

The arrival of Roman Abramovich in West London signalled a new era for the big-spending Blues and Ranieri quickly realised his face did not fit in the capital.

"When Kenyon came, I was frozen," he told the Observer.

"Kenyon was the new boss, and new bosses tend to want to bring in their own people and I was not one of his own people.

"Am I bitter? Yes. Bitterness, rancour, hurt - call it what you like.

"Before Abramovich came, I was doing my job, I carried on doing it for him and I wanted to continue doing it.

"At the end after the game against Leeds (his last match in charge), I knew the players and supporters were with me, even if the club was not. They knew I had left my legacy with them."

Ranieri has since returned to his homeland Italy, where he coaches Turin giants Juventus.


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He was a strange appointment, very random at the time and i wasn't exactly over the moon when we appointed him. He Relegated Athletico Madrid the previous seasaon (his only season there) so i was hardly extatic about him becoming the manager of my team lol. 4 years later i was really dissappointed and sad that he went. That's what he did for the club. He soon won me over. I think most of the fans were the same. I'll never forget Ranieri. He made some huge signing for this club and he doesnt get the appreciation. Lampard, Joe Cole, Petr Cech to name just a few.

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We lost against Monaco, thanks to Ranieri's blunderous Tactical subs in the semis. But that guy did enough to get us into the UCL with limited resources because of which Roman bought the club and the rest is history.

I think, He has had some great signings for us. Lampard, Maka and the best of all Petr Cech for 5 million(absolute steal). It was his team that Jose mourinho managed and lead us to League victory.

But he is more like Grant in a way, good in most of the matches but makes tactical blunders in big matches.

Mourinho was just too PERFECT!!!...no room for error atall. Thats why Ranieri was a Good Manager and Mourinho was a GREAT manager.

But the way he was shown the door was really insulting. The management assured his job was safe, and all of a sudden when the season ended they drop a bombshell saying they are in talks with Mourinho and ask Ranieri to leave. That was very insulting to him no wonder he has bitterness towards the management of CFC. Exactly what happened with Mourinho. Job was ssured initially and out of the blue shown the door.

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was depressed that he left but then again, if he hadn't we wouldn't have got jose..

never expected to reach CL semis and qualifying for the Cl the season before the way we did..

he'll always be in the fans hearts..

He made Chelsea good. Mourinho made them great. Grant's fucked it all up.

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