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Newcastle 3-2 Chelsea


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    • Ramires
    • Lampard
    • Mata
    • Oscar
    • Bertrand
    • Ba
    • Torres(sub)

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Just terrible, and i am not even angry, because it has gotten so expected. We need to recall KDB or do something, get moses to come back from AFCON. And we sacked a much loved respected manager for doing better than this, so are you telling me the one time roman doesn't adopt his no noncsense policy is for the one will all hate...



Before i get crucified, i am not saying that is the only reason we lost at all, but someone tell me why?

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How the hell in a space of a few games we've gone from having an amazing defecence to complete and utter clown acts!!

This is beyond a joke now and its getting silly...Arsenal win was a bloody one off by the looks!

I hope City trash scum..there is no point worrying about their results anymore cause it doesnt effect us at all!Whats behind us however does and its getting closer!

I hope we dont go on a run of losses now.....we've done the run of crap draws...

URGH! Thank fuck Weds is a England Friendly!!!

And Howard Webb?!?!?! What the hell?! Do your sodding job!So you can now karte someone in the fact and put hands round a throat and thats fine..but god if you tackle someone and get the ball red card!


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I don't even get angry when we lose anymore...

That's the saddest thing for me - defeat is now a big reality with this team...

Clear to see everything is seriously fucked with this season...

The Board gambled on Pep and lost - now we are fucked, tiny squad players loaned out left, right and centre.

EMANULO needs to FUCK OFF! NOW!!! Technical Director, fucking idiot more like!

Bring back Ray Wlkins!!!!

Rafa fired and Newton/Wilkins to the end of the season...


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Has it become cool to hate bertrand now or something?

People are fucking stupid.

Anyway Rafa out pathetic stuff, no more stupid football, need a jose back so we can score AND defend.

Also Torres has gotten even worse, absolutely worthless

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There is absolutely no doubt that Benitez should be sacked. Not tomorrow, not tonight, not after the game but right IN THE DRESSING ROOM! Or better, on the way to the dressing room. He is doing fuck all so it would be the same without him and I am sure it would be better.

For fucks sake

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Can't believe it... Only one change made after blood on the pitch.

Bertrand is shit as winger, ivan don't gave a shit and, despite his goal, mata played 30 sec during those 90min.

Motm was lampard and for the rest, sissoko is the real deal, a bargain "à la" michu

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Not even a yellow for either... BCHVHF-CYAI-yBy.jpg

Aside that, our players were shit and they were never going to get anything out of the game when Torres is leading the line. I have more faith in Cech getting the game winner than Torres. 2 mill > 50 Mill down the drain. Our players are obvously under performing because of a lack of confidence in the manager and his tactics. Who could blame them. Lampard has played way too much than he should and Bertrand is the luckiest bastard to have ever win the CL

As far as I'm concerned, the Board, Torres, and Rafa. Can all go fuck themselves. They have ruined this club to new levels.

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Rafa is clueless and so are the players atm, but that being said they players clearly do not like playing under Rafa

But they need to get over that!Sure the fans who travelled and paid all that money dont like seeing them underr Rafa/playing like shite but still do it.Cant throw a hissy cause they dont like the manager they're proffesionals need to do their job!

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