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Reading 2-2 Chelsea


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Tottenham, arsenal, man city, liverpool all drop points and we can't protect a 2 goal lead with 7 mins left. Rafa picked a bad team and again made no changes except benayoun late on and demba ba got 3 mins lol wtf. Our best out and out defender captain and leader didn't even come on... Utter joke, i bet we will have fun playing in the europa next season... Sack the prick already, it took way less for you to sack RDM, and he was a legend, get rid of this idiot already... And recall KDB ffs.

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Deep breaths guys. I'm angry we didn't win too. But let's make Gold out of Shit. Point is - This increases the chances of Rafa being sacked.

Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool all dropped points too, so while we're no further away from them, they're also not any closer to us.

None of us expect to win the league this season, and although it was starting to look sort of feasible, it was always going to be unlikely.

Rafa out please. The whole "he's trying to ruin our club" started as a silly myth just because he's a Liverpool man - but now it looks to actually be true.
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I'm so angry I feel sick 87th min and we let in two goals!!!! There second goal they had 3 players unmarked school boy errors!! And why didn't rafa just shut up shop with 10mins to go and bring on jt and ake to deal with all the crosses!!!

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My apologies for the big fonts and the capitals earlier in the last thread, not very often do I supress a public outburst on a forum, but this is an exception!! When I'm fucked off over a shit manager like Rafa, I'm not responsible for my actions! :lol:

Of all the time I have been a Chelsea supporter, never have I seen us in this dull and lifeless form, and yes I know we looked dominant at 2-0, but to get screwed over in the dying moments of the game against a struggling Reading side is simply unacceptable!!

What the hell? WE WERE UP 2-0!!!! It falls on our spineless team, once we get scored they wilt and can't get their composure back, the only ones that do are Mata and Lampard.

You're right there!! Mata and Lampard were the ONLY two men wearing Chelsea shirts that showed PASSION! Something most of the players that wear the shirt hardly ever show anymore!

I seriously can't wait for this season to end, and when it does, DRASTIC changes are needed!

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He hasn't made our defence better, but he's somehow made our attack worse. What lol. Why are you here lol. Why can't you get hit by a bus and just survive but retire from football lol. Why do you hate us lol. Can't you just destroy us on Football Manager instead plz lol.

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Immediately after seeing the lineup I posted that for the first time ever I was seriously doubting if I should even bother watching the game because I already knew how it's going to turn out. Obviously I still watched it, because I'm not a gloryhunter who only supports the team when they're doing well but can't say I didn't predict this.

Why can't the cunt just leave already? If he had any balls, he would have handed his resignation weeks ago.

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