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Brentford v Chelsea


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ferreira cahill JT bertrand

saville luiz

marin oscar (any kid from our academy)


give oscar the fucking ultimatum of putting in a good performance or fucking out... last night i think he came with a mindset of a stroll on a beach... i know left wing is not his normal position and he is not comfortable playing there but he should have atleast shown some enthusiasm. he dint track back all night, he could not hold the ball if his life was on the line, his crossing was abysmal... this should be the game where he should be given a chance to show his true quality... i hope its of the highest order...

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If we get through then that's one more game for Hazard to serve a ban before the Man City game.

If we draw this game, then the replay is another. Just saying.... :halo:

Mata needs a rest, Oscar can play in the middle, Torres is probably decent enough to score against this lot, JT needs the minutes, Ashley needs a rest, Azpi needs a rest and a few of the youngsters can fill gaps.


Ferreira Cahill Terry Bertrand

Luiz Lampard

Marin Oscar Piaz....De Bru....Fuck....


Maybe we start with two up top or put one of the youngsters (Ake, Sav) in midfield and push Lamps on, or maybe Rami on the right and Marin on the left.

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Its brentford, so i would like to see our youngsters (not our first team youngsters)


Ferreira Cahill JT (Fitness and give them all a leader) Bertrand

Ake Luiz

Marin Oscar Malouda


Mata and demba, and lamps gets a rest.

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Rest Mata. He needs it

TBF, think the whole team needs one. The players have basically been playing every 3-4 days since the start of the season. Fatigue is taking its toll, if not already.

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Azpi - Cahill - JT - Bertrand

Ramires - Lampard

Hazard - Oscar - Marin


Should give Ferreira 20mins or so. Perhaps some youngster aswell, Ake perhaps.

I don't think the swansea ball boy is elegible...

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