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Southampton - Opposition Views


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Chelsea play Southampton this evening in the Premier League so SaintMike and matty07uk from http://ohwhenthesaints.forumotion.net/'>Southampton World were kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions ahead of our game against the Saints today. Here is what they had to say:

-Let’s start with how long have you been a Saints fan?

SaintMike- Around 60 years

matty07uk- 45 years

-Midway through, what have you made of your season so far?

SaintMike- We have had problems adjusting since promoted but hope we are getting there now.

matty07uk- Poor dealings on transfers failing to get in experience especially at the back. Getting there though and no longer fear of being hammered

-How do you rate your chances of survival this season?

SaintMike- It won't be easy (it never is for Saints!) and it will be a close run thing but I think we should finish above the bottom three......who I believe could be QPR, Wigan and West Ham.

matty07uk- Will be close but if we get in 3 decent players and have some luck re injuries can see us finishing 15th but will be tight. Bottom 3 for me will be reading, QPR ( :D ) and Villa.

-A lot of links in the media between Southampton and various players in this January market, but nothing official yet. Who do you thin you should sign?

SaintMike- I am no expert on the best players to sign and trust Saints' management to decide that. But I hope they will be able to sign one (or ideally two) strong defenders and a lively winger.

matty07uk- Forren as CH, maybe Astori, Philips from Blackpool and would like a goalie but dont think will sign one

-Chelsea has been quick in signing Demba Ba from Newcastle, who is likely to feature in the game. How do you rate him?

SaintMike- A definite danger and our defence will need to keep on their toes.

matty07uk- Will make a big impact initially then fade away as he has done at Newcastle. That said would still have him if you want to loan out.

-If you could have one player from Chelsea who would it be and why?

SaintMike- Torres.....umm, or Cole.....or Terry.....or Lampard.....or just about anyone. Can you arrange to let us have a couple on frees?? :D

matty07uk- Lampard, would make such a difference in midfield to any team and his goals are a real plus, your owner is an idiot not keeping him.

-Who has been your standout player this season and who should we look out for?

SaintMike- Maybe Cork or Shaw.....a couple of names you may know.

matty07uk- Shaw at LB has been a revelation as at just 17 come into premier league and not looked fazed at all, has a footballing brain.

-Our home form under Benitez has been terrible, do you thin you can take advantage of that?

SaintMike- It would be great to think so but you slipped up against QPR and the law of averages is unlikely to let that happen again.

matty07uk- Doubt it as we do not get stuck into teams and make life difficult. At times the passing game isnt what is required and unfortunately to many of our players will not put their foot in.

-What will likely be your formation and lineup for this match?

SaintMike- Shaw suffered an injury on Saturday and it is not known whether he will be fit in time. Adkins has, especially in recent games, changed the line-up and formation depending on the opposition. I doubt whether anyone could forecast this with any certainty.

matty07uk- Will be 4 4 1 1. Lambert up front or Rodrigues (ricky struggles 2 games in a week) ramerez will play in the hole behind probably midfield of Cork, Schneiderlin, Puncheon and Guly. Defence is the problem with injuries to Shaw and Fonte, their replacements are poor. Also watch out if De Ridder comes on, again I think he is useless!

-Finally, please predict the result.

SaintMike- I would love to say a Saints win...or at least a draw....but realistically you have far too strong a squad to make that likely. We can only hope we are on top of our game and that Chelsea have an off-day. I forecast a Chelsea win 2-0, but maybe there is a little wishful thinking even in that scoreline as any more than a 2-goal defeat would see us slip below Newcastle in the table on goal difference.

matty07uk- With a full team we could give you a run for your money, like first 35 minutes in cup game but with our back four for this game we will concede goals I am afraid, great game for Torres to get on the score sheet. 3 - 0 defeat for us I am afraid.

http://www.talkchelsea.net/_/opposition-views/southampton-opposition-views-r196'>Click here to view the article

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-If you could have one player from Chelsea who would it be and why?

SaintMike- Torres.....umm, or Cole.....or Terry.....or Lampard.....or just about anyone. Can you arrange to let us have a couple on frees?? :D

Wonder if they'd fancy Malouda or Benayoun?

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Good stuff again Mr Choulo...

Seems these guys have been around a bit - hence the good responses :)

I'm sure they can have Malouda, Benayoun and Torres :)

Hope they do stay up though - like the club and the manager - done wonders on a shoe-string budget...

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