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Best and worst moments of Chelsea in 2012

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Year is nearing to end and Chelsea played the last game in 2012. So...was it a sucessful year or not? What was the best and worst that considers club, matches, competitions, players and off pitch stuff?

For me, here is the list

Best moment: CL trophy on 19.05

Best match: Vs Napoli, 4:1. The stadium, players, fans, everything was magical. Maybe my favourite game ever.

Best player: difficult to say, but I will go with Drogba. Scored when needed and it was his final year, so give him this 'award'

Other honorable mentions: Cech, Mata, Cole, Iva and Lamps

Best transfer: Probably Hazard, but will need some time to show it...

But there was some bad stuff too...

Racist fan, Mikel and Clattenburg, 5th place in PL last year, Terrys injury, defeat vs Corinthians and AtleticoM, Torres form,...

What do you say?

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Best moment has to be winning the Holy Grail (by default for all Chelsea fans), but i think the one that really made me emotional, happy and proud has to the CL semi final against Barca.

Worst moments: Thrown out of CL along with the sacking of RDM.

Summer Transfers has to be the highlight for Chelsea this year. On on hand we got Hazard & Oscar by shelling out money but at the same time we did some real smart and cheap buys in Moses & Azpilicueta.

The down side was loaning of Essien to Madrid.

The champions league rings distributed by Drogba as souvenirs has to be one of the highlights when it comes to off field stuff.

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Best Moments:

1. Champions League Final

2. Drawing 2-2 against Barcelona at the Camp Nou after going down to 10 men

3. Beating Napoli 4-1 in the second leg

4. Thrashing Spurs 5-1 in the FA Cup

5. Beating Liverpool to win the FA Cup

6. Whack Spurs 4-2 at White Hart Lane

7. Beating Man United 5-4 in the League Cup

8. Smashing Aston Villa 8-0

9. Beating Everton 2-1 at Goodison

10. Buying the likes of Hazard, Oscar etc

Worst Moments:

1. Throwing away that 3-0 lead against Man United

2. Getting thrashed by Atletico Madrid

3. Getting thrashed by Juventus

4. Losing to Man United, unjustly!

5. Losing to Corinthians

6. RDM sacked and Benitez being appointed

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What an incredible year for Chelsea Football Club,will definitely never be forgotten!

Best moment : Yeah,it has to be winning the Champions League after years of coming so close.It wasn't an easy journey to get to the final,especially not when we were up against Barcelona with 10 men for 50 minutes but we did it! I think it really was "written in the stars" for it to be us in 2012.

Worst moment : There was a few tough times along the way...Didier leaving,losing Club World Cup/Super Cup,Robbie getting fired & going out of the CL during the group stage!

But,I think the highs outweigh the lows in 2012 :)

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