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Norwich City - Opposition Views


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Rex and Drayton Green from http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk have kindly agreed to answer a few questions about Norwich's current season.

1.Firstly, can you tell how long have you been a Norwich City fan?

Rex: 48 years.

Drayton: 45 years

2. Thoughts on the season you are having? Satisfied?

Rex: I knew this would be a difficult season even without a change of manager. That we have recovered from a very shaky start to be tenth at Christmas has exceeded my expectations. However, you can never be satisfied. Sometimes even winning the Champions League is not good enough.

Drayton: More than satisfied. Before WBA game it looked like we could avoid a season of being close to relegation. Maybe we still can

3. Last time you faced Chelsea, it ended in a 4-1 win for the Blues. What has changed since then at Norwich?

Rex: The team has continued to grow. The style of play is quite different from the way we played under Paul Lambert. Last time round, we were still learning and had vulnerabilities. This time, we are tighter and more focused. Ruddy is out, a big miss, Bunn is a worthy replacement even though he is still developing. The game could go any way.

Drayton: I was there at that game. We have a better defence, the team are playing in harmony with CH 's tactics and we are also playing with self believe that we can beat anybody irrespective of the players in it and how much they cost.

4. Who has been your best player so far?

Rex: I think Wes Hoolahan shades it but we don't really have best players. We have the honour of having scored the best team goal of the Premier League with 29 passes (I think).

Drayton: The team as a whole but in defence Bassong has been immense and in terms of creativity we have been on a great rum since Hooohan has been in the team.

5. What do you think about Chelsea's season so far?

Rex: A remarkable turnaround after some astounding decisions by the higher echelons. You have a team that is awesome, when everyone is on song. I hope, for our sake, somebody has an off day.

Drayton: Seems up and down and maybe lacking stability due to managers situation. Maybe slightly below expectations

6. Thoughts about Rafa Benitez?

Rex: Master tactician, could be prickly. That may upset some of the more sensitive stars.

Drayton: Desperate for a job and happy to take flack to get one. He is a good manager and if allowed to run things his way maybe will get a top 3 place.

7. If you could have one player from Chelsea who would it be?

Rex: Don't tell the others. I would be in lots of trouble. Lampard.

Drayton: We need a striker but you have many attacking midfielders so I would take


8. Predict the scoreline for today's game.

Rex: In my heart 2-1 to us. In my nightmares, we score first then you slot 5 past us. Realistically, close. Score draw (2-2) or narrow loss (1-2).

Drayton: 2 2

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