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Ignacio Camacho


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Ignacio Camacho Barnola (born 4 May 1990 in Zaragoza, Aragon) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Málaga CF in La Liga, usually as a defensive midfielder.

I have only read crap rumours from bad sites but we should really consider him. He is a young but solid DM who can pass the ball forward. He has the strengh to cope with the PL and is big for a spanish player(182cm). He has a buyout clause so we could get him and malaga are still looking to make money! What do you guys think?

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I havent seen much this player, more heard of him so I cant judge realy. But Malaga won CL group ahead Milan, Zenit and they dont realy have some great striker. Santa Cruz and Saviola are more mediocore. That means their key of sucess lies in midfield, where Isco and Camacho play. Seems like they did fantastic job for the team and based on that I would love to have Camacho here. He isnt too expensive, maybe

too young, but has potential. His atributes are just what we need; strenght, hard work, passing, tackling. Well, along Moussa Sissoko, there isnt many options available and Camacho seems to fit our system well. Rafa would love him here, he would fit great in his plan as he looks like Xabi Alonso, but Rafa wont be our coach for long, right? Still support the move for Camacho.

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