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Best Moments as a Chelsea Fan

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Just to balance out the :cry: in the other thread, how about a top 5 best moments as a Chelsea fan?

1. Gav Peacock scoring against United 93/94 at the Bridge. United were awesome then and we beat them. Sure we got lucky (Cantona's long-distance effort bouncing off the pitch onto the crossbar and I think Kharine decided to head an effort off the line instead of catch it because he thought it was a backpass - could be a different game).

2. Munich

3. Mourinho's first title.

=4. Barcelona, 3-0 up at half-time in whatever year Tore Andre Flo played (98?). Unbelievable.

=4. Barcelona 3-0 in twenty minutes. The best I think we've ever looked.

5. Chelsea-Liverpool, 4-2 FA Cup 97, Hughes, Vialli, Zola....Sparky comes on at 2-0 down and changes it....Hansen, what's the score....that's the game where we won the trophy. special mention to Robbie in the final.

So many other things could've gone on that list though. Spencer in Vienna doing a Weah, Chelsea beating Spurs 4-3 in 93/94, Chelsea beating Spurs 6-1, Chelsea beating Spurs 5-1, Chelsea beating Spurs in the Makita Cup because that thing counts right? Paul Furlong scoring with his arse, Gullit's debut at Gillingham, Gronjkaer scoring on the last day.....

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Like I said on another thread before:

When Drogba scored that penalty in Munich and we won the Champions League, it was one of only two times I have ever seen my Dad cry. That was such a special moment for me because I grew up being a Chelsea fan because of my Dad, who has supported them since the 60s.

My best moment as a Chelsea fan, one of my best family moments and one of the happiest moment of my life. A very special moment for me.

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CL campaign 2011/12

Back to back titles under Mourinho

Wayne Bridge's goal at Highbury

The moment I saw the Stamford Bridge and all the players live for the first time and every game I watched from the stands that followed


The day we signed Luiz and Torres. If only we knew how it would turn out...

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Chelsea 4 - 2 Liverpool in the FA Cup will always be up there for me. I was only 8 at the time but was already a huge supporter. Going 0-2 in the first half made it seem like that was it, especially with Liverpool having the likes of Fowler, Collymore, McManaman etc.

To come back from that was amazing, I remember when Vialli got his second, my Dad lifted me up and we was both going mad in celebration. Seeing the Liverpool players (Mark Wright especially) looking in disbelief was a joy to behold.

Another honourable mention was the FA Cup Final that year. It was my first trip to the old Wembley (also went the year after for the League Cup final) and I remembered seeing flags outside the houses before we left to go to Wembley and then winning the first trophy in 26 years was amazing.

I think we played 'Blue Day' on the cassette player for months after :)

Fantastic times.

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Winning the league in 2009.Was first time we'd won it since I had started going so that jynx was over lol..and to be there that day was also pretty good

Getting to the Champions League final..again being there..inoring the final result that aside good feeling at the time

FA Cup wins/the days at the Bridge..singing at a telly in a massive crowd lol fun times

The crazy CL game against Liverpool.Espically realising at half time I'd lost the betting slip by cousin had gave me on a Liverpool win which looked like we might be needing...unable to find it and then not needing to anyway :D

Last year Champions League win..seems agges ago :(

Not a best moment but still cracks me up..Fabrgas and the celery..the look on his face...

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Very hard for just 5!

1. Munich and on a wider scale that whole cup run and the rollercoaster ride that it was.

2. Winning the league in 2005 at Bolton.

3. Winning the FA Cup in 1997 - i went there with my dad when i was 10, and is an experience i'll never forget!

4. 4-2 vs Liverpool in that same cup run was unbelievable. They were a very strong side then and we battered them in the second half!

5. Winning the double - the 8-0 over Wigan was superb and winning the title back was massively sweet!

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1. The double this year.

2. 09-10 season

3. The game against West Ham in December 07 where Joe Cole scored a great goal and celebrated with a passion. This is when I became a Chelsea fan, before that I didn't ''know'' the notion of being a sports team fan/supporter.

4. The semi-finals agains Liverfool in 08 & 09.

5. Beating the North London scum teams at their grounds this year.

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