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Bafetimbi Gomis

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I really like this guy!

Apparently Chelsea sent scouts today to watch him. He possesses great finishing ability with his left, right or head, loads of composure and that never say die spirit that every striker needs. He's also on a ridiculous run of form where he's scoring goals for fun in all competitions.

I wouldn't entertain it if its for more than £20m but he looks like he could be a decent solution to our eyesore of a striker conundrum.

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For 20 Mil? i wouldn't buy him for for than 7. He is not chelsea's level. we only can buy him for the bench.

I wouldn't buy him for 20M either but to say that he's not Chelsea level is silly... He's scoring goals for fun right now. I think he's a good stop gap if you still are hedging your bet on Torres and/or Lukaku.

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I've seen stuff that Lyon have financial debt and would probably accept an offer between 10-14 million euros floating about on twitter. Wouldn't be surprised if true. ff

I would love to have him for this amount here. He scores with both feet clinically, does it in the CL and has oodles of passion and desire to score

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I would rather demba ba for 7 mil tbh, though i admittedly cant say i am a big follower of the french league so he could be the greatest thing since sliced bread but from the little i have seen of him i haven't got too excited about.

I think we need a striker in january who can do a job for us up front whilst hoping that lukaku continues his improvement enough to become an extremley useful number 2 until the day he can become the number one or we sell him (but that would be way down the line).

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An alleged rapist. This guy is last thing the PR department needs.

Also he is a shit footballer. Give me Lisandro Lopéz over this joker any day of the week. Criminally underrated that Lucho is. Easily as talented as Tevez.

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