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Corinthians - Opposition Views


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Our own Jcar92 has kindly agreed to answer a few questions ahead of our game against Corinthians on Sunday.

First, how long have you been a Corinthians fan?
Since i moved from Minas Gerais to São Paulo, at 2004. I went to São Paulo to stay closer to my family, that were all fans of Corinthians. Gather to suport the "Timão" was one of our sacred family rituals. Beautiful childhood that i'll never forget. My life can change a lot, i may have a lot of uncertainties but i know that my Team will always be with me.
How has your season been so far and what kind of form are you currently in?
The season this year is going like a Dream, it is not over yet and can get even better. This is the result of the great work that the Direction and the team of the club has been doing, letting us, in the last years with the titles of the Libertadores(our obcession, and now, our greates glory) and the Brazilian Championship. This, with a new stadium being built. As all the teams from Brazil that won the libertadores, Corinthians sacrificed the Brazilian Championship 2012 to prepare to play the CWC. Idea that to me is just wrong, because that took away the competitiveness of the players.
Did you watch the Champions League last season? If so, what's your opinion on Chelsea winning the tittle?
Yeah! I might be in the other side this time, but last year i supported Chelsea with everything that i had. I will not lie, i am not the fervorous supporter that i am with Corinthians, but I certainly suffered along with the others Chelsea’s fans. Last year the quest was hard and dark, but with Lampard, the mage, Ramires, the runner and Drogba, the Killer our warriors managed to pass trought the dwarfs of Cataluña and take the sacred cup from Germany! It was a amazing journey! Lol
A lot of Brazilians currently at Chelsea. Who is your favorite? And do you think that a player should move to Europe to become among the best in the world?
My favorite player is Oscar. He is a great prospect with awesome talent, good tech, vision, skills, speed and mentality. He is one of the latest maestros of Brazil making him my favorite. I think that if a player want to play at first level and be the number 1, he has to go to Europe... At least for now. But If he just want to be happy, he can stay... We don't know what is really important to each player. Some may want to stay close to his familys and friends... Who knows what other person values more?
Who has your best player so far this season and who should we look out for?
Our main player is definitely Paulinho. There isn’t any CMF on Brazil with similar style as him that can be so dangerous on attack, for me he is better than Ramires on positional sense, defence and reactions inside the box. He has a good pass and ball control, offering also a awesome Kick. I cannot appoint just one to resolve the game… Paulinho, Emerson and Danilo were the players that would always show up when the things were hard.
If you could have one player from Chelsea at Corinthians, who would it be?
David Luiz, he said that he were a supporter of Corinthians in his childhood. Our doors will be always open to him.
What will be Corinthians most likely formation and line-up?
I believe that Corinthians wil play with a 4-2-3-1. That formation won the Brazilian Championship. Our coach Tite, even said yesterday, after watching Chelsea's match, that this formation might come back. The squad might be Cassio, Alessandro, Chicão, Paulo Andre, Fabio Santos, Ralf, Paulinho, Emerson, Danilo, Jorge Henrique(Romarinho) and Guerrero.
Please predict the result.
Only one goal of Corinthians in a counterattack after a lot of bloody defence! Hahaha! GO CORINTHIANS! GO!!!
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Great views. i understand there many Corinthians supporters having sympathed with us in our CL campaign, cos we are very similar. Similar number of league titles (5), big spending power but it lasted till 2012 to turn that into a CL success, then courtesy of great tactics, teamplay, discipline and fighting spirit.

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Giving up brazilian championship to prepare to CWC is bullshit. I have no clue why would a manager do that, it always end up with the team playing badly. Corinthians is displaying way worse form now than back then when they won Libertadores or Brazilian Champ 2011. The same happened to Santos in the last CWC. I just don't get it.

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