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Dieumerci Mbokani


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Although he is playing in a league not considered amongst the elite he is scoring for fun and is the complete packagae. Goals, pace, strength, aerial ability and movement. Currently on 18 goals thus far and scored a hat-trick on the weekend. Just turned 27, he is an absolute handful and I would not mind seeing him here. Reminds me exactly of Drogba.

There are quite a few Belgians here and those who watch Belgian football probably will know more about his game than I do

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Please no, no no!

He can be good sometimes (in the belgian league that is), but I think he has such a lousy attitude (understatement!) and can be so irregular. In my book NO WAY Chelsea material. His game just isn't good enough.

I definitely can't see why we would need him.

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Big fish in a small pond. Plus we signed Lukaku who was also touted as the next Drogba and he was outscoring him at Anderletcht (I think). So yeah... Lukaku > Mbokani.

Lukaku left when he joined them and tbh Mbokani has outscored him. I am aware that Lukaku was very young there though

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He was a real handful against Milan in both games despite not scoring. IIRC he use to also play at Standard. I remember when they played Liverpool in that intense Champions League qualifier. Liverpool could not deal with him at times. Arsenal and Spurs have both been linked with him.

Random but he looks so scary, I would be terrified to mark him laughingsmiley001.gif, looks like one of them COD zombies laughingsmiley001.gif. That is not to be offensive btw, I say that in a good way

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Mbokani is a very strange player to be honest:

He was born in Kinshasa (Zaire) and played at some local clubs there before joining Anderlecht In the season 2006-2007 (at the age of 20).

Although he managed to score 4 goals in 9 appearances in the first team... his season was one with many lows. Especially because his attitude was so poor he was unmanageable (and I would say at Anderlecht we are quite used to deal with attitudes).

Interestingly he was then transfered to on of Anderlechts biggets Rivals in the Belgian League => Standard de Liege.

Maybe they had a little more patience with him... because in 3 seasons at Liege, Mbokani managed to score 39 goals in 81 games, winning the league's title with Standard de Liege 2 consecutive seasons (it was the first title for Standard in 25 years!!!!). Together with Milan Jovanovic (he was transfered to Liverpool later that year) he was pretty unstoppable!

Jovanovic went to Liverpool (failure since he didn't get many minutes there! Although I'm sure he could have done something would he have been giving a little more playing time) and Mbokani was transfered to Monaco in 2010 (and a 6 months loan to Wolfsburg) before coming back (remarkably) to Anderlecht at the beginning of the previous season.

After his total failure to perform at Monaco and Wolfsburg + with his attitude in the back of our heads... we Anderlecht fans were not to keen about resigning him. BUT must say that after 1,5 year with us again... he proved himself to be very important for our team, scoring 27 goals in only 39 appearances (a few in the Champions League as well)! Also he plays a huge role in last years title and the fact that Anderlecht is again at the top of the league. Good to know is that Mbokani was reunited with his former buddy at Standard de Liege again (Jovanonic).

I must admit I have never been a fan of Mbokani. He had the wrong attitude when he started here at Anderlecht and is the guy that would love to show off his new Ferrari California, even after losing a game to a weaker side. Footballwise... I must admit he did surprise me the last couple of years. He absolutely shined at Standard de Liege, pure class! He got his transfer to Monaco and Wolfsburg... where he really did NOT perform at all. You can Imagine I really didn't wanted him to come back to Anderlecht with the form he was into... especially since indeed he was brought to replace Lukaku (the boy that gave us so much goals and pleasure in the previous 2 seasons). But after 1,5 season... I must say, apart from his attitude, Mbokani is a very important player for us who's level is way above the Belgian League. As said here before... he indeed had no problems to hassle the defense of Milan, Zenit or Malaga.

Conclusion: If Mbokani is surrounded by the right people AND he feels well... he can shine in any European midtable club in Europe. To be playing at the Top Clubs in Europe... I think he will have a struggle... but the talent and class is surely there... so he could prove me wrong! But after his failing seasons at Monaco & Wolfsburg... I'm wondering which European team is willing to risk their money on him!

=> Chelsea prospect... IMO absolutely not! Juventus, Tottenham & Fulham are said to be following him closely... maybe we can already see him in the EPL next season.

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Really? I thought he was there when Lukaku was :o

In fact they never played together. Mbokani was playing at Standard de Liege when Lukaku had his break through at Anderlecht.

When Rom's left for us here at Chelsea... Mbokani was indeed attracted to replace him!

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Mbokani is strong, has better technique than Lukaku, and finishes quite comfortably. He is a good targetman, kind of like Benteke tbh. You can give him the ball and he'll hold it.

Of course, he is not the pitbull type that will give all in every match. He is nonchalant, cocky and not too bright.

But I for one think that this adds to his charm and overall flair - on the field, that is.

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This type of player? Rather go for Demba ba or Benteke, who's not at Ba's level but already better than Mbokani. Also as has been said many times before horrible attitude. We all wanted to see a new Drogba in Lukaku, well Benteke can fulfil a "Drogba role" on the pitch. Though for January I'd go for experience first. A more targetman is a profile we currently don't have nor do we have a youth player that could take that role. Lukaku is not a targetman. I think we should buy this type of player, but not Mbokani and not (yet) Benteke. Then finally throw out Torres and replace with Falcao.

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Well with the tragedy of his son, that shattered him badly and he recovered well with his performances on the pitch and I think became more level-headed. He scores nearly every game and disciplinary improving so I guess his attitude is improving. He could turn out to be another Benteke in the prem but I think with more goals.

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