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Our own JackredandWhite was kind enough to answer a few questions ahead of our game with Sunderland at the weekend:

First, how long have you been a Sunderland fan?

Went to my first game at the age of 7 in 1972, and been to nearly every home game since 78 (apart from when I lived in London in the mid-80's for 3 years - went to the awy games instead).

Your season has been far from ideal so far despite the great start O’Neil had last season. Where have things gone wrong since and where do you think can you improve?

Things have been awful for a while now - we had a terrible end to last season as well. This is the most dissapointed/depressed I've ever been as a fan. Yes I've obviously seen worse (we were in the third division once remember) and the Wilkinson years were something to behold, but I think it's because this time we actually thought we might have cracked it. It's the hope I can't stand....

What's gone wrong? - I think MON's famed motivational skills have desserted him, I just don't think this group of players want to play for him anymore. True, a lot of them are Bruces many mediocre signings but I at least expect them to give a s**t. To improve we need to start playing 2 up front because Sess is out of form so it isn't working with him behind Fletcher. And our "marquee" signing (Johnson) needs to drastically improve, although there have been some shoots of recovery lately. We desparately need to sign a creative mifielder in January.

How much are you in danger of going down this season and do you believe Martin O’Neil can guide you to safety?

We could easily go down - it's something like 2 wins in 21 games? A couple of months ago at least we wre hard to beat and picking up draws, those have now turned into defeats. If we get beat of Reading at home next week (and assuming you lot beat us) I expect O'Neil to walk.

Who has been your stand out player so far this season and whom should we look out for?

Stand-out player - Danny Rose, and he's on loan!! or the keeper Migs. Attacking-wise, you've got nothing to worry about unfortunately.

Chelsea has had a terrible 2-3 weeks; do you think that will motivate Chelsea or Sunderland players more?

Your recent poor form in the league will not help us one iota - everyone seems to break their duck against us :(

What did you make of the sacking of RDM and appointment of Benitez?

Looking from afar, I could actually understand (a little bit) of Abramavich's thinking when he sacked RDM, but that only lasted until he went and got Benitez. It'll end in tears. Yes, you change managers a lot - but they all seem to win something short-term, but this bloke won't. Sorry :(

If you could have one Chelsea player at Sunderland who would it be?

Mata. He's superb.

What are the most likely formation and lineup that Martin will put out?

He'll play 451 (again). Mig in goal, back four of Bardsley, Cuellar, Kilgallon, Rose. In the middle it will probably be Colback, either Vaughn or Larsson (the former I hope - Larsson offers nothing in the middle) and Gardner, with Sess and Johnson on the wings (hopefully). Fletcher will be all up front on his own :( . I would have liked him to give Wickham a game as he was canny last week (but crap in the U21 game against the mags - maybe he likes the big games).

Kindly predict the result.

At least 2-0 to you lot. :(

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why the fuck did you get Mutton oh Kneel ..you deserve better .... ..keep well jack :blue scalf:

I'd love to see him do it because he's a genuinely nice bloke, but I must admit I'm worried.

Mind I saw the second half of todays game and you were poor, I don't think I've seen a Chelsea side pass as poor as that for a long time. It was like watching Sunderland (that's not a compliment :D ).

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