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Champions League Thread

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On 9/15/2017 at 5:27 AM, OhForAGreavsie said:

A perfectly rational point of view. Problem is, being a football supporter challenges rationality.

As Chelsea fans, we are capable of understanding that the six teams you list, plus a few others probably, are better than we are. Are we equally capable however of being indifferent about whether Chelsea win or lose? Can we really get to a place where we don't care? I don't think so, but even if we could, how could we avoid at least hoping that our team will win every time it plays?



There was nothing rational about that point. When you're in it, you have a chance - that's rational. He listed Atletico Madrid, who have never won the competition, as one of 6 who can realistically win it. Rational? Don't think so. They didn't even make it out of the group stage, so in retrospect he could have listed Basel and that would have been more realistic. PSG have also never won it, but I get it, they're rich and they keep pumping money until they do.

Lastly, Chelsea have no chance? 2012.

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1 hour ago, cfcs most wanted said:

Oh come on, We are no dark horses, we are a champions league contender as much as any other team. We are the champions of England, we probably have a better squad now than we had in 2012 final. What's the matter with all the writing down Chelsea's chances. At their current form only PSG and Man City might be better than us. But we shouldn't fear none of them, we have one of the best attacking duos of the world, and an amazing defense. What else would it take for Chelsea to be actually taken as some serious contenders?

Does it really matter if we are the dark horses or not? :carlo:

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2 key points will decide how we do against them. 

1 How well we handle their attack, primarily how do we handle Messi.

and 2 how do we handle their heavy press. If we're able to escape their press and can get Hazard running at them we should be able to cause them problems.

In order to beat them we're gonna have to be at our best though. 

Morata would have to bury any chance he gets, Hazard is gonna have to run at them like a madman and defensively we're gonna have to be near perfection to stop them from scoring.

Won't be easy but i'm quite pumped for this tie. :P

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2 minutes ago, Cosmin said:

Hope we'll play against them like we did against Atletico in the first leg.

We need Hazard and Morata to be 100% up for this tie.

Not to be negative or anything but there's no way that's going to happen. Barcelona and Altetico are nothing alike. As I'm sure you know, Barcelona are great at dominating the ball. 


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Realistically speaking I give us like a 30% chance of winning the tie max. I'm expecting a lot of blind optimism posts akin to what I saw about our transfer window last summer. Unfortunately such posts have little to do with reality. 

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If we manage to get a wing back and possibly a midfielder we are good to go. There are always gonna be some problems with the team, but we have to work it with the squad we have got. We have a good squad now, a few changes and we are ready to fight against the top teams. It happens every season that, us, Tha fans have some problems with the squad and transfers, but we really need to stop this negativity, this is the same squad that won the EPL last year. Is the players show some real fight, they can beat any team of this world

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