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Once The Fat Controller gets the Spanish Archer, then who......

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West Ham will turn this team over whoever is incharge, we have a soft underbelly without Lamps and JT at the moment, Allardyce is the master when it comes to exposing weak spots, watch his Bolton side's face Arsenal for proof of that.

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So you think/hope he will eclipse Brian Clough record at Leeds.

Depending on the Happy Hammers on Saturday? I think it is very much on the cards. I think Roman will be rattled at the amount of grief slim, and himself, has took.

There is absolutely no chance of us getting Pep, any last ounce of class our club had was dispersed off with last weeks bagging. He'd have to be insane to come here.

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Yep, couldnt agreee more, Big Sam will have his boys well up for this.

West Ham and Stoke away are the two games i have had as nailed on defeats since August, i just can't see this team getting results in such a physical environment with JT and Lamps let alone without them.

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I'd love the Chelsea job, get a few bad results and get a £5m pay off. Happy days. The Chelsea job is the greatest in world football.

Only if you stay 2 years without coaching any other team. AVB didnt get the money, since he joined Spurs...

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