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Cloudy O'Rabia, NoddytheAdlingtonBlue, Bert Trautmanns neck brace, and South East Citizen from www.mancityforum.co.uk as well as Marvin, SWP's back and Bennyboy from forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk were kind enough to answer a few questions ahead of the match on Sunday. Here's the pick of the bunch:

Let's start with basics: how long have you been a City fan, and why?

Cloudy O'Rabia- 45 years. Because I hate United

South East Citizen- 31 years, family tradition (although my brother got assimilated down here and supports Spurs... not sure if I've ever confessed that on here. Probably not

Marvin- Since early 70's. My Dad was a big football fan, and I lived local and decided to support City. Made it stick when I went to the game. Last few years has proved the wait has been worthwhile

What have you made of City's start to the season and where do you think you can improve?

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- Difficult to argue with being top of the league. I think we will improve if Mancini ever decides what his best XI is and plays them together regularly

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Not as good as last year Need to improve in defence although statistically the best in the League

South East Citizen- Bit of a mixed bag, terrible in Europe and fairly steady in the league, although results have been better than performances at times (glad it's that way round). I think we could do with sending Sinclair and Rodwell out on loan and buying a proven midfielder and winger.

How do you rate your chances of retaining the PL and do you think it would be harder than winning it for the first time?

Marvin- I think we will win it again.

Bennyboy- As good a chance as Rags and Chelsea.

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- As good a chance as anybody. Certainly in the top three favourites. I think it will be harder as the rags have strengthened with van Persie and, more than ever, teams are setting up to frustrate us and put men behind the ball

Do you think you need to change Mancini to get more success in the CL or just a bit of luck?

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- We need to improve our co-efficient and get a more lenient draw. I think a few wins will breed confidence. This season's campaign could have been so different with a win in the Bernabeu

South East Citizen- Neither, the players just need to perform better

SWP's back- I wouldn't change him with anyone, the CL will come, the league is all I care about now and for a few years yet.

What did you make of Chelsea's European glory last season and who were you rooting for in the final?

SWP's back- Without taking anything away, it was the luckiest last 5 games I have ever seen.

Bennyboy- Delighted for them,not sure how they managed to perform in Europe and not in league.

South East Citizen- I'm a lot less mystified by Di Matteo's sacking than most. I'm more mystified at how they managed to win the Champions League last season. They were totally outplayled and should've lost to Napoli, Barca and Bayern - the only reason they didn't is due to some inexplicable misses by otherwise deadly players (including penalties). Cech was the only one who deserved a CL medal and that says everything. I think Abramovich is the only person associated with Chelsea that realizes this - he didn't want to give Di Matteo the job full time but he had no choice. If Benitez can get a tune out of them for the rest of the season and he can convince Guardiola to take over by the summer he's done everything right.

To say that we had a difficult week would be an understatement. Do you think that will make the match easier for you or rather harder?

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- There is always a honeymoon period with a new manager which may be a problem

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- Possibly easier. RDM seemed to be popular with the Chelsea players so I'm hoping his dismissal may bring some dissatisfaction to an already fractious bunch of players

Bennyboy- Makes no difference,our injury problems should have more of an effect.

What are your thoughts on Chelsea's decision to replace RDM with Benitez?

Cloudy O'Rabia- Bentitez is an odd choice for me. Last we aw of him he looked as stable as a Brian Conley. I think Roman's manlove for Torres has reached it's zenith. Not sure how that will go down (hur hut) with the rest of the squad.

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- I thought the decision to appoint RDM full time was a strange one in the first place. Limited pedigree and ill suited to such a big job. As for Rafa, the appointment until the end of the season says it all

SWP's back- Lol.

If you could chose one player from Chelsea to join City, who would it be?

Bennyboy- Ramires

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- Mata

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- Probably Mata or Hazard. I was gutted to see us miss out on one of Europe's brightest prospects and was hoping he'd turn out to be an over-rated flop but he seems to be doing the business

Who has been your best player so far this season and who should we look out for?

Cloudy O'Rabia- David Silva but keep an eye on 19 year old Nastasic at the back - a future star

SWP's back- So far none have massively stood out, but Tevez and Aguero are lawyas a threat. As is Dzeko (but only from the bench)

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- Difficult one to answer, this. I wouldn't say we've had any stand out performers this season up to now. If pressed, I would say Joe Hart. As for who to look out for, Merlin seems to be hitting form....

What are the lineup and formation that Mancini is likely to put out on Sunday? I don't think he knows, does he?

NoddytheAdlingtonBlue- Even if he does, it's likely to change several times during the game. I think Barry or Milner will start in the middle. At a guess: (in a 4-2-3-1)Hart, Clichy, Nastasic, Kompany, Zabaleta, Yaya, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Tevez, Dzeko/Aguero (if fit)

South East Citizen- 442 I imagine. Hart, Clichy, Kompany, Nastasic, Zabaleta, Yaya, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Aguero, Tevez.

Marvin- Hart,

Zab, Nastic, Lescott

Milner, Barry, Toure, Silva, Nasri, Tevez


3-6-1 to protect the defence

Finally, please predict the result.

Bert Trautmanns neck brace- 2-2

Marvin- CFC 3-0 City

SWP's back- Chesea 1-2 City

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LOL - I think we have a good chance of getting something out of the game, especially if we can nick an early goal and keep the pressure on... City seem to concede easily, but then other teams never finish them off... e.g. Real Madrid... Then they get some belief back and end up scoring...

Time to expose their lack of chemistry this season and get Rambo to mark SILVA out of the game!

I think RB will definitely have man-to-man on SILVA and Aguero - like he did in the old days with Sammi Hyypia (sp?)... Always tight on his man...

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You're just a ray of sunshine, aren't you?

The people who participated in this will be reading it and you're the one who will come across as a moron imho.

Agreed - they seem like reasonable guys - just enjoying the success they have craved for so many years - must have been tough in Utd's shadow - fair play to em I say...

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City don't seem confident. I think it'll be one of those weird nights when everybody expects a City win but we sneak a goal in and defend it. As much as I loathe the Fat Waiter, i hope the best for the club

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City don't seem confident. I think it'll be one of those weird nights when everybody expects a City win but we sneak a goal in and defend it. As much as I loathe the Fat Waiter, i hope the best for the club

I think this will be very hard to call because we can't tell what our players' reaction will be. We could see players with low moral or we could see players giving 110% to impress the new manager.

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