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Player Of The Season 2007/08

Player of the season 2007/08  

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  1. 1. Who is the best this season?

    • Joe Cole
    • Lampard
    • Makelele
    • Kalou
    • Other

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Who do you think is player of the season 2007/08?

I will go with Joe Cole because he was in form all the season and i cant see anyone else who had better season than him.

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Guest Lampards Bitch

It was tough but Maka got my vote. With out him the team has looked vunerable. He mops up before it gets any further and he has saved us a few times. The obvious player would be Joey in those options I guess, not saying he doesnt deserve it but the unsung hero's of Maka and Carvalho deserve it just as much.

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Difficult one, no one has really shun out so far. We've had a few good performers in Joe Cole, Kalou, Lampard, Makelele and Alex however not one of them stands out for me yet. Looking to see how these players perform in the run in to determine my vote.

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this is easy, Joe Cole by a country mile. He always gives his all, hes the one player that has been consistant and even in the matches where we have been shit, Joe has still produced and never given up. Barnsley a fine example, was basically Joe Cole vs Barnsley. He was out of Favour at the start of the season but since he got in, hes not looked back and he wont miss anymore games this season. Hes vital for us til the end of the season.

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